Peppermint is also known by the name of Piparita.Name: Peppermint is also known by the name of Piparita.

Helpful in different diseases:

1. Vomiting during pregnancy: Boil a little quantity of peppermint with one-cup water. Giving this preparation to pregnant woman prevents vomiting.

Precaution: The meal should not be taken for a long time during this treatment.

2. Digestive problems (loose motion, gas, pain, acidity and constipation): Taking peppermint helps easy bowels movement, and cures the swelling and spasm of bowels.

3.Gas trouble:

  • Take 2 to 3 drops oil of peppermint after mixing it in sugar three or four times in a day; it removes gas.
  • Take 2 small pieces of peppermint with water; it eliminates gas and constipation.

4. Indigestion: Take 2 drops oil of peppermint after mixing it in 4 teaspoons water, it removes indigestion and increases digestive process.  Put two drops peppermint oil in hand care chief. Smelling it is also helpful to increase digestive process.

5. Constipation: Taking peppermint with betel is useful to remove constipation.

6. Freshness: Massage after applying peppermint oil on the body, it provides freshness to patient. 

7.Nose diseases:

  • Smelling peppermint provides relief form common cold.
  • Make a potali (packet) by packing peppermint seeds and one piece camphor (kapoor) in a piece of cloth. Smelling this packet provides relief from cold and prevents stops going out water form the eyes and nose consequently, a person take breath easily by using it.    

8. Stomachache: Stomachache can be removed by taking peppermint flowers with water or after putting it in puffed sugar cake.

9. Rheumatism (pain of the joints): Apply peppermint oil mixed with mustard oil on the affected parts of the body, it cures rheumatism.

10. Spasm of the hands and legs: Mix equal quantities of linseed (Tisi) oil and turpentine (tarpin) together and put a little quantity of camphor (kapoor) and peppermint in it. Massaging after applying this mixture on the body removes spasm of the hands and legs.

11. Headache: Applying peppermint on head is useful to remove headache.

12. Pain in the navel: Mix peppermint oil, turpentine (tarpin) oil, linseed (Tisi) oil and camphor (kapoor) together. Massaging after applying this mixture on the navel removes pain.