Pentaptera Tomentosa



Name in Different Languages:

Latin          :       Pentaptera Tomentosa

Hindi          :       Aasan, Asan

Sanskrit     :       Asan

Marathi      :       Asana

Gujarati      :       Aasan

Bengali       :      Piyasaal


      This medicine is pungent and generates urine quantity. It cures blood diseases and white leprosy. It brings out phlegm and eliminates gas. According to scholars, it contains enough quantity of an element which is like lime. A type of ash comes out from it, which is used with betel nut to eat. A type of gum comes out from its tree, which is used for cosmetics, rubbing and perfumed dhoop. Its bark is easily digestible. Its decoction is useful to cure diarrhoea caused by stomach weakness. Its decoction is used to cure chronic wound.