Peel of Citron



Colour: Citron is yellow and red.

Taste: It is spicy, fragrant and pungent.

Structure: It is a peel.

Nature: It is cool.

Precautions: Taking over quantity of citron’s peels may be harmful for the heart and brain.

Removing side-effect: Sweet violet removes its all side-effects.

Comparison: It can be compared with lemon peel.

Dosage: Citron peel can be taken in the quantity of 9 grams.


It keeps the mind happy and creates constipation. It purifies blood. It is beneficial in vomiting caused by heat and makes powerful to the heart and stomach. It reduces intestines warmth and eliminates gas.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Foul smell of the mouth: a person gets rid of foul smell of the mouth by eating the peel of citron fruit.

2. Labour pain: Grind the root of citron plant and bassia latifolia 10 grams each with ghee. Give two spoons this mixture at the regular interval of one hour. Its use reduces the labour pain to some extant after its use.

3. Disorders in the sixth month of the pregnancy: Grind neel kamal, citron seeds, flower of callicarpa macrophylla (priyangu), white sandal and lotus with milk. Add milk into this mixture and give it to the pregnant woman. Its use provides relief during 6th month of pregnancy.

4. Swelling of the body: Grind the root of citron plant, agnimanth, root of Indian ground sel, dry ginger, cedar wood and kantkari with water to prepare paste. Heat this paste on low flame and apply it on the body. Its use reduces the swelling of the body.