There are two kinds of pea. First is Videshi Matar (foreign pea) and second is Deshi matar. Introduction:

Mix onion with cooked pea vegetables, it makes more delicious. Its vegetable is made with potato. Mix pea’s seeds in Khichri (a dish of rice boiled with pulse) makes more delicious. Ripen pea is sweet, dry and cool in nature.

Temper: There are two kinds of pea. First is Videshi Matar (foreign pea) and second is Deshi matar. Videshi matar is white color and deshi matar is greenness.

Nature: Pea has phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, copper and iron. It also has much quantity of proteins. Pea has carbohydrate and Vitamin A & C in much quantity. It also contains much quantity of other elements.


Pea eliminates constipation, phlegm and bile disorders. Its leave’s vegetable is digestible, light and ends Tridoshas (Vaata, Pitta and Kapha). It increases breast milk and makes menstrual excretion normal. Pea has much quantity of proteins. Eating 250 grams raw seed of pea enhances body proteins.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Constipation: Eating raw pea throws out stomach gas.

2. Burning Sensation: Applying   ground green pea provides coolness.

3. For Beauty: Grind boiled pea and apply on the body. It improves body color.

4. Fingers Swelling: If anyone has been suffering from finger’s swelling, boil pea with water and mix one spoon of sesame’s oil. Foment fingers and after that wash with its water, it reduces finger’s swelling.

5. To increase breast milk: Eating pea’s pods increases breast milk. One should eat raw pods of pea and cooked vegetable of pea, because it provides benefit to increase milk in the breast.

6. Amenorrhoea: Take over quantity of pea; it makes menstrual excretion normal.

7. To get fat: Eating pea increases blood and fat in body.

8. Allergy: Boil pea with water and throw its seeds. Now, mix a little salt in this water and wash the affected parts with it. It provides relief in allergy.

9. Swelling: Boil pea with water. Washing the body with it ends swelling.