Pay attention on tiny thing



Sexual power can be sustained for long time if tiny things are followed in daily routine life. There are some things, which reduce sexual power of a man, but mostly people have no knowledge about it. We are presenting some such things, which are essential for happy married life. If a man follows such things, he can sustain his sexual power for a long time.  

Thinking of a person should be young forever:-

          Mostly people consider themselves old after 40-45 years. They behave like old persons if they think themselves old mentally. Consequently, their sexual power reduces. Hence, a man should never think that he has become old. A man should live enthusiastically. A 60 years old person should think that he is young now not old. If a person thinks so, he will pass a happy sexual life.   

A man should not be an idler:-

Several men do not want to work. They try to avoid from every kinds of deeds. They pass their life as if they have no work to do. Sexual life of such kinds of men is not good. Such people should involve in any work so that their sexual power may not disappear. Blood pressure becomes high if a man passes his time without working. He becomes the victim of depression too. Sexual power of a man can be reduced because of depression.   

Walk in erect position:-

A man should walk with erect chest. It is proud for a man. A man feels problem in breathing if he walks in a stooping position. In this situation, brain does not get sufficient oxygen and blood due to this reason consequently; a kind of spasm is produced in the muscles. Penis of a man does not get full erection because blood does not get sufficient oxygen. Backbone remains erect if a man walks in an erect position. Blood supplies in a normal way and blood keeps on getting oxygen in sufficient quantity.     

Adopt agility and activeness:-

Adoption of agility and activeness is very essential for a man to pass a happy married life. Tissues of the body become hard due to sexual activities and activeness of a man disappears. This thing affects to the veins related to sex. Sexual life of a man will be as active and pleasurable as a person is active and strong. Women like those men who are strong and active.

Brain should be active too:-

Sexual life of a man affects if he does not keep his mind active. Andrew monjan, chief of American national institute of angina a branch of neurobiology of anging, says that if a man wants to run his sexual life for long time enthusiastically, he will have to keep his brain active forever. A man should involve in reading good books, game, drawing and gossiping for the activeness of the brain. Sexual life a man will be as active as his brain is active.  

Startle a wife through strange deeds:-

If a man wants to happy married life, he should startle his wife by doing strange deeds and habits. For example, he can wear shocks and underwear in a wrong way, he can hide himself behind the door and he can return soon from his office without telling his wife. According to psychotherapists, adopt new things in daily sexual routine to bring zeal and enthusiasm in married life. A husband should present CD cassettes, video movie and book to his wife according to her wife’s interest.  These things are the means of entertain for women. He should call her wife for watching a movie suddenly by buying tickets. He can call her wife for a candle light all of a sudden. A packet of condom can be given to a wife by husband when she reaches on bed at night. In this way, a husband can startle his wife by doing different kinds of strange things. Such kinds of deeds produce happiness and enthusiasm in the mind. This way, period of lovemaking becomes romantic.

Listen to sweet song:-

It is proverb that if a person is mentally depressed, he should listen to sweet songs. Dr. Robert, a professor in California University, says that a man gets zeal and zest by listening to sweet songs. Light and soft music provides too much sexual power. Try to absorb in music deeply. Listen to the music until a man becomes happy by heart. An element named endorphin keeps on exuding from the brain by listening to the music, which ends frustration, despair and ill feelings of the mind and makes a man strong mentally for sexual relation.  

Television should be switched off:-

          Mostly men keep on running television at the time of sexual intercourse too, which is not just at any rate. Television should be switched off at the time of sexual intercourse. Concentration of both man and woman divert if television is switched on. In this way, both man and woman do not get real sexual pleasure through sexual intercourse. If a man wants to make sexual relation at night, he should watch television for long time. Eyes get tired by watching television for long time. A kind of laziness prevails over the mind because of which a man is not able to make sexual relation enthusiastically. 

Laugh and make to laugh others loudly:-

A man should laugh loudly if he wants to prolong his sexual life according to psychologists. Loud laughing makes a man’s sexual life happy. Mental disturbance weakens sexual life of a man. Sexual life of a man becomes as much pleasurable as he will laugh loudly. A famous psychologist says that veins get too much strength if a man laughs loudly. In this way, excretion of sex hormones becomes high by laughing. Hence, a man should not destroy his sexual life by living in gloominess.  Both husband and wife should laugh as much as they can. None should miss a chance of smiling and laughing at any rate because nothing spends in doing so. Try to find new chances to laugh.  

Do not stick with the chair:-

If a man keeps on sitting on a chair throughout day, he should know this fact that this habit reduces sexual power of a man. Muscles of a man get hard by sitting on chair for long time. Consequently, there is a lack of oxygen in the blood and blood does not circulate in proper way. A man should not sit on a chair without work. He can do such kind of deeds, which may sustain the activeness of his. 

Imagine about sex:-

          If you want to make your sexual life enthusiastic, you should imagine about it. According to famous psychologists, imagination of sex is essential for active sexual life, good sex and great sexual pleasure. All the people, who imagine about sex very much, remain active in their sexual life. According to famous psychologists, a man can achieve orgasm in his imagination without making sexual relation. It is the result of imagination about sex.

Thinking should be positive:-

Mostly men do not establish sexual relation due to negative thinking because such men keep on thinking whether they will satisfy their wives during sexual intercourse. Such kinds of things keep on disturbing them. Thinking this way is an obstacle for successful sex life.  According to well-known sexologists, on one hand negative thinking reduces sexual power of a man, on the other hand positive thinking enhances sexual power of a man. A man should think in a positive way.  A man can make his sexual life happy if he thinks that he will satisfy his wife completely during sexual intercourse. This thinking makes a man strong mentally for sex.  A well-known doctor says that a man lives a long sexual life enthusiastically if he thinks in a positive way. A man possesses lustre and glow on his face for long time and it is the result of positive thinking. 

Know the power of shower:-

          According to natural treatment, water contains medicinal elements. Hence, take a bath with fresh water because body remains always healthy. All the germs and dirt disappear from the body after bathing. Diseases of the body end by taking bath and body gets power to fight against diseases. Laziness of the body disappears by taking bath with hot water and a person sleeps soundly. If a man takes bath under shower before sexual intercourse, circulation of blood becomes high. He gets activeness and agility in the whole body after bathing which enhances sexual power of a man. A man should pour water at the root of penis, backbone and naval while taking bath.     

Cycling is good for happy sexual life:-

A man should adopt the habit of cycling to enhance sexual power. According to Americans researchers, a man does not lose his sexual power if he rides cycle daily. Cycling is a good exercise for a man. Lungs and heart become strong by cycling. All the muscles of a man remain active by cycling. Cycling is very good for women too. A woman has to push paddle with the help of her feet while cycling and it is a good exercise of vagina. Muscles and veins of the vagina become strong by cycling. Remember one thing while cycling that seat of the cycle should not be hard at any rate. Seat of the cycle should soft. Hard seat can be harmful for vagina. A woman should try to avoid from all kinds of shocks or injuries in the vagina while riding cycle.

Take pleasure through swimming:-

          Swimming can prolong a person’s sexual life to a large extant. Swimming not only is good exercise for body but also sexual life of a man become active and pleasurable. A research has been done on the person who are 40-60 years old and researchers found that sexual life of those person was happy and enthusiastic life young persons who are 25-30 years old. Hence, it will be just to say that swimming enhances sexual power of a man.

Go on a tour:-

Sexual power sustains through walking. Therefore, a man should go on a tour once in a week with his wife. if both husband and wife go on a tour, they will get peace and happiness mentally. If someone goes in forest, park, beach, shores of river or pond and in open ground, it proves very beneficial for respiratory system. Body gets sufficient oxygen by walking and this thing provides a new kind of energy to the mind. Mind of a person gets peace by observing green trees, cloudy sky, waves of sea and river. In this way, a man gets rid of mental depression.

Sound and sufficient sleep is necessary:-

Sufficient and sound sleep is very essential for happy sexual life. Sexual power of a man reduces in the lack of sleeping. Well known doctors say that sound sleep is closely attached to the sexual power of a man. Taking sound sleep to sustain sexual power is a gift endowed by God. patients of insomnia feel lack in sexual power and sexual life of a person gets disturbed. A person should sleep for 8-10 hour necessarily. Sound sleep for two hours proves very beneficial. Take sufficient sleep to make sexual life pleasurable.

Reduce the quantity of caffeine:-

Tea, coffee and cokes contain caffeine in rich quantity. Caffeine reduces sexual power of a man very much. A man urinates in excessive quantity if he takes caffeine on a large scale. There is water deficiency in the body because of the use of caffeine. Its use reduces sleep of a person. If a man takes 10-12 cups of tea and coffee, he should reduce the number of having tea or coffee. If one such person does not do so, he may lose his sexual power to some extant.

Climb on ladders:-

Going up and down by stairs is very essential for sex life. Activeness of the muscles of the body keeps on sustaining if a man goes up and down by using stairs. Lungs, heart and vagina get strength through it. According to scientists, quantity of cholesterol reduces through this process. A man can reduce 10-15 percent cholesterol if he involves in this process for six minutes. Sexual power of a man can reduce if quantity of cholesterol is high.  Therefore, we should use lifts to reach on stories. We should use stairs for it. By following this rule, sexual power of a man lasts for long time.    

Sweating is essential:-

          There is need of hard working for a man to sustain sexual power for long time. According to researchers, all the people, who do hard working, have much sexual power in growing age. Sex hormones are found on a large scale in those people who do excessive physical work than the other person who do not do physical work.  It has been found in a research done by sexologists. Researchers made work to those people whose sexual hormones level was low. They found that level of sex hormones might increase very much due to labour. This thing proves that all the hard working people have excessive sexual power than the people who pass their time without working.  

Give up smoking:-

There is proverb that each breath while smoking reduces sexual power of a man. According to one research, penis of those persons who smoke regularly does not get erection properly. In this way, a man becomes the victim of impotency in future. According to another research, blood does not circulate in the penis properly in those people who smoke regularly. This is the reason that penis of such person does not get full erection at the time of sexual intercourse. Circulation of the blood in the veins of the penis of those people who smoke cigarette stops. It has been found in a research, which was done on 178 men.   

          According to research, there was a lack of erection in the penis in daily smokers and this is known by a device, which is used to find out the erection level of the penis.  Nicotine that is found in tobacco reduces sexual power of a man. Nicotine does not destroy sexual power in a night only but it works gradually. If a man wants to sustain his sexual power, he should give up cigarette immediately.  

After 6 weeks of giving up the habit of smoking, a man gets his lost sexual power like before. He takes sexual pleasure like before. Doctors say that a man can get his sexual power before or after than 6 weeks but he can get his lost sexual power necessarily after giving up smoking.   

Dancing is also essential:-

Dancing is not only an art but also it has the quality to keep a person healthy sexually. A man can sustain his sexual power though dancing. Dancing is easy and simple way to keep the body healthy and good. A man can become healthy mentally and physically by dancing on music. Sexual power of a man can be prolonged by adopting the habit of dancing. Aerobic is another kind of dancing which is done on fast music. If a man cannot dance on classical music, he can dance on aerobic dance. If he faces problem in aerobic dance too, he can dance on any filmy song by tossing their hands and feet. Regular dancing in a proper way makes a man healthy. A kind of agility and activeness will be produced in muscles and blood get sufficient oxygen. Regular dance will make a person’s sexual life happy.   

Do exercise:-

          Exercise along with nutritive food has become very essential for successful happy married life. In this busy life, mostly people want leisure and this is the reason that their body organs get flabbiness. According to fitness specialists, if a man wants to enhance his internal energy and sustains his sexual power, regular exercise is compulsory. All the body organs are cleaned by doing exercise and blood circulates rapidly in the body. The man gets rid of several diseases if he does exercise regularly. Exercise is very essential to sustain sexual life.  

According to one research, it has been proved that all the people who do exercise regularly sustain their sexual power forever. Sperms become healthy by exercising. Regular exercising is the most power aphrodisiac medicine in all those medicine, which are sold in the markets to enhance sexual power.

Avoid from obesity:-

Obesity is the root of several diseases. Therefore, a person should not become the victim of obesity. He should try to control on his obesity.  According to sexologists, fatness reduces sexual power of a man. Fatness increases by taking oily and fried food. Besides, smoking, drinking, laziness and doing no work throughout the day are the other causes of obesity. If a man has become the victim of obesity, he suffers from panting, restlessness, high blood pressure and fast heart beating. Consequently, sexual power reduces very much. Blood does not circulate in a proper way in those veins, which erect a penis due to the weight of body. A man should try to avoid from fatness so that sexual power may not destroy.

Walking on feet is a boon to improve sexual power:-

Walking on feet is also very good formula for our body.  Sexual power of a man will improve necessarily whether he is young or old. Bones get strength by walking on feet regularly. If a man is fat, he will lose his weight by walking on foot. Confidence also increases by walking on feet. Spasm in the muscles disappears if the man goes for walking on feet before sun rising. A kind of agility is produced in the muscles too and mental disturbances disappear with the help of walking on feet.  To get rid of every kind of contraction, walking on feet is very good exercise. A kind of hormones named endorphin keeps on exuding from the body by waling on feet, which sustains the health of a person. The man remains happy with the presence of this kind of hormone. In this way, sexual life of a man becomes safe.

Cleanliness of genitals is necessary:-

          Genitals should be cleaned regularly. Doing so is essential for making sexual relation. Several kinds of problems take birth if genitals are not cleaned properly. Lack of cleanliness of genitals affects sexual life of a person very much. If vagina of a woman is not cleaned properly, there is doubt of infection on the skin or infection in ureter. Genital should be washed properly with water after evacuation of stool and urine, while taking bath and in the night. After sexual intercourse, the woman should wash her genitals properly.

Control to the cholesterol:-

          A kind of obstruction is produced in the veins of blood if there is too much cholesterol in the blood and due to this reason, body does not get sufficient blood. Consequently, penis does not get sufficient blood due to excessive cholesterol in the blood. Hence, a person should not contain spicy and fatty foodstuffs in meal. He should do exercise regularly. He should sleep soundly for two hours during day. If a thirty years old person has been suffering from excessive cholesterol in the blood, he should consult to doctor immediately.