Pauonia Odorata



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Name in Different Languages:

Hindi         :       Netrawala, Sugandhwala

Sanskrit    :       Baal, Heribaer, Bahidhtha, Udichaya, Keshnaam, Ambunaam

Marathi     :       Kala Wala

Gujarati    :       Balo, Kalo Balo

Bengali     :       Baala

Latin         :      Pauonia Odorata


        Pauonia Odorata is small, dry, fragrant, sweet, pungent and bitter, and digests easily. It keeps the sperm cool and fit digestive system. It cures Kapha and Pitta disorders. It also cures sour belching, anorexia, fever due to bile, amoebic diarrhoea and blood diseases caused by bile. It excites heart and is useful for stomach pain, burning sensation, illusion, thirst, vomiting, wound swelling, poison and others.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Erysipelas: Apply the powder of pauonia odorata mixing with ghee on the affected part twice a day. Its use provides relief in erysipelas.

2. Asthma or breathing problems: Take the infusion (phant) of pauonia odorata to get relief in asthma.

3. Relapsing fever: Mix about ¼ to one gram powder of pauonia odorata, red arsenic, and ash of yashad, a little quantity of Indian hemp (Bhang) or opium in the juice of betel-leaf. Make small tablets of this mixture. Take these tablets twice a day to get rid of mental and physically exhaustation (tiredness) caused by fever. 

4. Fever: Take approx ¼ to one gram powder of pauonia odorata mixing with honey twice a day. Its use provides relief in the weakness and heart disability caused by fever.

5. Flatulence: Take approx ¼ to one gram powder of pauonia odorata mixing with honey twice a day. This medicine provides relief in flatulence

6. Constipation: Drink the infusion of pauonia odorata twice a day. Its use activates the bowel movement by breaking constipation.

7. Loose motions:

  • Shuffle ground ginger and pauonia odorata in water properly. Drinking this mixture twice a day provides relief.
  • Mix 2-3 grams pauonia odorata in rice water and decoction of nut grass fruit. Cool this preparation and take mixing with honey twice a day. Its use stops loose motions.
  • Take pauonia odorata, dry ginger, nut grass and common fumitory with fresh water. Its use quenches thirst.

8. Sprue: Taking 3 to 6 grams pauonia odorata with beel fruit is beneficial in sprue.

9. Whitlow: 

  • Take 20 to 40 ml decoction of pauonia odorata twice a day to destroy the germs of fingers wound.
  • Taking 20 to 40 ml decoction of pauonia odorata twice a day provides relief in whitlow. It also reduces the swelling and burning sensation of the fingers.

10. Arthritis: Taking pauonia odorata twice a day gets rid of rheumatic pain. Its use also reduces the swelling.

11. Vaginal pain: Make a decoction by boiling pauonia odorata, red sandal, tinospora, nut grass, cus-cus, impure carbonate of potash (Javakhar), indian atees, common fumitory, ailanthus excelsa (Arlu) and country mallow 10 grams each together. Giving this decoction to the pregnant woman is beneficial in diarrhoea, fever, loose motions along with griping and pain, bleeding and other diseases of the vagina. It also gets rid of vaginal pain and prevents discharge from the vagina.

12. Vincent angina: Take 20 to 40 ml decoction of pauonia odorata twice a day, it heals the wounds up. Its use gets rid of pain.