Introduction: -

       Penthorum is a medicine for such type of cold and catarrh in which the patient feels chill and rawness in the nose. 

     Penthorum drug should be used to end the symptoms as feeling rawness in throat, excitement of mucous membranes with long timely, chronic throat swelling with purple and chilly mucous membranes, feeling filled nose and ear, hoarseness, throat irritation with coolness in larynx, excessive secretion from mucous membranes, anus itching, burning in rectum and wounds of pharynx and Eustachian tube.

The use of Penthorum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to nose: -

       Penthorum drug should be used to end the symptoms of feeling wetness inside the nose that is not less by any treatment, secretion of thick mucus mixed with blood and pus from the nose and discharging from posterior nares during puberty.    

Relation: -

       Some qualities of Pulsatilla, Hydre and Sangvy medicines can be compared with Penthorum drug.

Dose: -

       Penthorum is not much active drug and is useful to end chronic symptoms. One should use this drug for some days. Lower potencies of Penthorum drug can be used to end the symptoms of disease.