Parthenium-escoba amargo



Introduction: -

        Parthenium-Escoba Amargo drug is used to end fever especially malarial fever. This drug can be used in the symptoms of feeling excessive weakness in the body during menses troubles and irregular respiratory speed.

The use of Parthenium-Escoba Amargo drug in various symptoms: -

Head-related symptoms:-

        Parthenium-Escoba Amargo drug should be used to end the symptoms related to the head as- intense headache that aggravates to the nose, swollen nose, feeling heaviness in the eyes and pain in eyeball with headache, sensation of headache with tinnitus aureum (voices in the ear), pain in nose root with presence of headache, swollen nose, headache, slight toothache, feeling excessive sour and long teeth, faults of eye-vision, pain in the ear and tinnitus aureum with headache.  

Abdominal related Symptoms: -

        The use of parthenium-escoba amargo drug is beneficial to end the symptoms of pain in the left intercostals and spleen wound.


        Some qualities of Sianouthus, Helianthus and china drugs can be compared with Parthenium-Escoba Amargo drug.