Parched Grain



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The glands perspires excessive sweat to normalize body temperature. In this process a lot of energy devastates consequently a person feels weakness.Introduction:

      In summers, every person becomes the victim of water deficiency in summer season and it becomes hard to maintain the body temperature under control because of hot wind and violent sunshine. The glands perspires excessive sweat to normalize body temperature. In this process a lot of energy devastates consequently a person feels weakness. Taking cool, sweet and beverages (Syrup or decoction etc.) is useful for good health in such conditions. So, taking parched grain (Sattu) is very beneficial.

          In India, parched grain (sattu) has been using since a long time. Now people have forgotten the parched grain because of having cold drinks and fast food. Parched grain (Sattu) is very cheap and beneficial food product. According to Ayurveda, parched grain is like nectar. Taking parched grain according to Ayurveda is very beneficial in throat diseases, illusion, vomiting, eye diseases, indigestion and other diseases. It ends body weakness and quenches the thirst.

Kinds: There are many kinds of parched grain (Sattu) like- parched barley, parched rice, parched of gram-barley, parched gram and parched of wheat. You can take any kind of parched grain because each has equal properties.

Parched barley: Parched of barley (sattu) is cool, purgative and dry. It cures burning sensation and eliminates bile and phlegm. Mix it with water and give to patient to drink. Its use recovers the lack of water in the body and quenches the thirst. Besides it, parched barley is sweet, tasty and nutritive. It sets the motions and ends fatigue caused by hard work. It heals the wounds up and cures many eye diseases. It quenches thirst and one does not feel hunger by taking it.

Parched rice: Rice parched (Sattu) is cool, light, sweet, tasty and digest easily. Its use enhances sperm count, body power and digestion power. In Ayurveda, it is described as the name of “Shali saktav”.

Gram parched: One fourth part of barley parched must mix in gram parched. Taking gram parched with sugar and ghee provides a lot of benefit. It is more powerful and restorative than barley parched. The parched grain (sattu) prepared at home is the best. Clean rice in a pot and soak in water at least 24 hours after that spread rice and dry properly. Grind this preparation with the help of a mortar and filter it. This is the method to prepare parched grain.

          Mix water in parched grain according to need and add more water in it to prepare dilute syrup. You can mix a little sugar or jiggery (gur) for making sweet parched grain (sattu) or mix a little salt for salty parched grain. One should not use teeth while having parched grain (sattu) and should not drink water after or during taking it. It should be mixed in fresh water not in warm water. Parched grain should not be taken with milk. Thick parched grain is hard in digestion, so it should not be taken. Liquid parched grain (sattu) is light in digestion. Mix water in parched grain to prepare liquid parched grain. Water should be mixed in parched grain only once. Water should not be mixed in it again and again while taking it.

        Parched grain (Sattu) should not be taken in much quantity. It should not be taken at night. It should be taken in the morning or at noon only once a day. Parched grain is very useful for health and protects us from many diseases. Parched of gram and barley is very useful for the diabetics.