Introduction: -

           Parafine is a beneficial drug to end symptoms related to uterus. This drug is also useful in the symptoms of constipation, stabbing pain in the stomach, feeling pain that spreads one to another place, abdominal pain and aggravation of pain from throat to spine.

Use of Parafine drug in various symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

           Parafine drug should be used in the symptoms of pain on the face and left head portion, stinging pain with a wrench, feeling such pain in upper portion of the head as a pin is piercing, feeling spasm in the left ear, etc.   

Symptoms related to Eyes: -

           The use of Parafine drug is beneficial in the symptoms of blurriness vision with black marks; redden eyelids, feeling greasy on the eyes, etc.

Symptoms related to mouth: -

           The use of Parafine drug is useful in such symptoms as- pain in tooth and lower jaw, adhesive mouth due to saliva and bitter taste. 

Symptoms related to Gastric: -

           Parafine drug should be used in the symptoms of starving all the time, feeling pain across the stomach, pain in the throat and spine that is aggravated on the chest, belching, stable pain in left intercostals, jerking in the painful parts and irregular heartbeat with stomach pain. 

Abdominal related Symptoms: -

           The use of Parafine drug is beneficial in the symptoms of pain in lower stomach, increasing the effect of pain in genitals, rectum and coccyx. Such pain is aggravated due to sitting down.

Symptoms related to Rectum: -

           If a patient has such symptoms as- desire of frequent excretion, constipation of children, chronic constipation, discharging blood form anus and feeling pressure in the anus but do not discharge stool, use Parafine drug to cure such patient.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

           Parafine drug should be used to end such symptoms as- delay and blackish menses, occasionally discharging leucorrhoea like milk, feeling a pain to touch the breast and wound in breast, stabbing pain in thigh cells of women, excessive hot urination and vaginal burning with a pain.   

Symptoms related to external parts of the body:

           Sometimes, the patient feels pain during climbing on ladders that pain spreads in the thighs and buttocks as well as patient also suffers from electric shocks in all the bones, wrenching pain in the calves that is aggravated in the fingers and bone joints, swollen feet and lancinating pain in the heels and feet soles. Parafine drug should be used for the treatment of such patient.

Symptoms related to skin: -

          If a part of body has burnt and the burnt part is falling down in pieces after decomposition as well as the patient also suffers from contaminated blood, one should wash the wound firstly afterwards sprinkle Parafine drug and cover with a thin cotton piece. Consequently, the wound will be healed. Parafine drug can heal the wound that occurs in cold conditions.

Relation: -

           Some qualities of kreo, eupion, petroleum and naphthaline medicines can be compared with Parafine drug.

Dose: -

           Parafine drug should be used in trituration of lower potency and 30th potency to end symptoms.