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       Black seeds are found in internal parts of papaya and a ropy liquid is found on these seeds. Papaya is very delicious fruit. Its tree is long, thin and soft. Its tree has no branches. Its fruit is called papaya. Raw papaya is green and ripe papaya is yellow. Black seeds are found in internal parts of papaya and a ropy liquid is found on these seeds.  Its tree is found in many state of India and it is grown in any season. Green vegetables and pickle is also made by raw papaya.  The sauce and kachumar is made by ripe papaya.  Taking papaya daily eliminates constipation and enhances digestive power. It also eliminates stomach gas. The pepsin enzyme, which is a digestive juice, is found in papaya in good quantity. It is not only protein digestive element but also helps easy bowls movement, and cleans the bowls.  

Name in different languages:

English        :        Papaya 

Hindi           :        Arand Kharbuja

Sanskrit       :        Mathukarkatti, vaatkuambhaphal

Bengali        :        Popeya

Precautions: Raw papaya should not be taken in pregnancy. The women who have been suffering form menstruation should not take papaya. Raw papaya is harmful for the patient of syphilis, piles and spermatorrhoea. Abortion can be by taking papaya seeds.

Characteristic: Papaya is easily digestible fruit. It enhances appetite, and strengthens the body. It cures the diseases of liver and spleen, and jaundice. Taking papaya removes the stomach disorder, and improves the digestive power. Taking papaya juice or its milk cures anorexia, insomnia (sleeplessness), headache, indigestion and acidity. Taking papaya juice stops sour belching and cures stomach disease and heart disease, and removes intestine weakness. Taking cooked vegetables of raw or ripe papaya is useful for the stomach. Using papaya leaves provides benefit in high blood pressure and normalizes heart beat. Papaya enhances sperm counts, and removes insanity, and gas disorder. The wounds are cured by using it. It removes retention of stool and urine. Applying milk of raw papaya on the skin cures skin disease. Its seeds destroy worms, and normalize menstruation. Papaya milk removes pain and cures leprosy, and enhances breast milk. Taking papaya powder cures burning sensation of stomach, wounds and indigestion.

According to Greek physician: Ripe papaya enhances digestive power, appetite and urine. It cures urine diseases, obesity, bloody bile and stops coming phlegm with blood.

According to scientist: Papaya contains vitamin-A, B, C and D. Vitamin-A and C are contained in good quantity. It cures eye diseases, retention of urine and the diseases relating to heart.  Vitamins-C is excessively found in papaya that is useful to cure the diseases of bone and tooth, paralyses, rheumatism and vomiting and normalizes high blood pressure.

The elements that are found in papaya:

Elements Quantity














0.4 mg./100 g.




130 mg. /100 g.


2020 I.U./100 g.



Useful in different diseases:

1. To enhance milk in the breast: The mother should take ripe papaya or cooked vegetables of raw papaya. It is helpful to enhance milk in the breast.

2. Ringworms: Applying milk of papaya on ringworms is useful to cure them.

3. Spleen problem: Taking papaya is helpful for curing spleen problems.

4. Liver disease:

  • The children, who suffer form liver disturbance, should take papaya daily. It provides power to the liver and cures all the diseases of stomach.
  • Give papaya and apple to the children who have been suffering form liver disturbance, it provides benefit.

5. Constipation:

  • Taking raw papaya or ripen papaya eliminates constipation.
  • The patient, who has been suffering from fever, should take papaya milk in the morning daily. It eliminates constipation.
  • Taking papaya after taking meal is useful to eliminate constipation.
  • Mix 50 grams bishops weed seed in papaya milk and ginger juice and then dry it in shade. After that, taking half spoon of it after taking meal eliminates constipation. Gas, the burning sensation of the throat, anorexia and itching anus can be removed by using it.

6. Stomach worms: Grind 10 seeds of papaya with water, and mix quarter cup water in it. After that, take this mixture regularly for 7 days, it destroys stomach worms.

7. Abortion: Papaya should not be taken in pregnancy because abortion can be by taking it.

8. To enhance vigour and height of the children: Papaya should be taken daily by children because It increases vigour and height.

9. Indigestion: Take half-teaspoon milk of raw papaya with sugar, it removes indigestion.

10. Raktgulm: Taking 500 grams ripe papaya in every evening is useful to cure raktgulm.

11. Chronic itching: Boil water, and put borax (suhaga) and milk of papaya in it and apply this water on the affected parts, it removes itching and ringworms.

12. Geuniaworms (naru): Mix opium with milk of papaya and apply it in the affected skin. It cures geuniaworms.

13. Heart diseases:

  • Taking decoction of papaya leaves is helpful in heart diseases. Nervousness is removed by taking it.
  • If the patient has been suffering form fever with heart weakness and high pulse pulsation, should take papaya decoction.
  • Prepare tea with papaya leaves and take it. It is helpful to cure heart diseases.

14. Cosmetics:

  • Peel papaya and grind it to make the paste. After that, applying it on the face and wash the face after 15-20 minutes, when dry this paste and after that clean the face with towel. There after, apply sesame oil or coconut oil on the face. In this way, its use removes spots and pimples on the face for one to two weeks, and makes the face beautiful.  The wrinkle and black spots of the face are also removed by using it.    
  • The women should take papaya to make her waist beautiful and symmetrical.
  • Mix 10 grams pulp of papaya, 10 drops lemon juice, half teaspoon rose water with 10 milliliters tomato juice. Apply this mixture on the face, and wash it with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes. Using it for some days makes the skin delicate, soft and glossy.
  • The patient of anemia should take papaya daily. Papaya is easy to digest, and enhances blood elements.
  • If milk does not make in the breast after delivery, she should take papaya daily because it increases milk in the breast.
  • Taking 300 grams papaya daily is useful to reduce fat.
  • Rubbing pulp of papaya on the face removes wrinkles and dryness from the face.
  • Mix one cup of papaya juice and one cup of guava juice and take it twice a day, it makes the face beautiful for some days.
  • To cure all the skin diseases, mix papaya juice, carrot juice and half quantity of spinach juice and take it twice a day.
  • To remove pimples and freckle etc., mix papaya juice and potato juice and apply it on the face two and three times in a day. It provides benefit.
  • A chemical element is found in papaya is helpful to remove oily layer of the face. Make a paste by internal pulp of papaya and after that apply it on the face for 15 minute. There after, rub on the face and then wash with lukewarm water. It provides benefit. If the face is dry, mix rose water, scobs of sandal wood and turmeric in papaya pulp to make paste and then apply it on the face. After some time, wash the face with cold water.    

15. Piles:

  • Apply milk of papaya on the piles regularly for one month. It cures the piles.
  • In bloody piles or flatulence piles, half kg papaya should be taken twice a day. It cures both the types of piles.

16. Elephantiasis: Toast leaves of papaya, and apply it on the affected parts and after that foment thrice a day. It provides relief.

17. Menstruation disturbance: Mix 100 ml papaya juice and 100 ml carrot juice with 50 ml pineapple juice. After that, take this mixture twice a day (in the morning and evening) regularly for two months, it removes menstruation disturbance.

18. Sour belching: Cut 250 grams papaya into pieces and sprinkle a little quantity of rock salt and black peper powder and then extract lemon on them. After that, take this mixture twice a day, it stops sour belching. It digests food easily and enhances appetite.

19. Joints pain: Toast papaya leaf, and tie it from glossy side on the affected parts and foment. It provides relief from muscles and joints pain.

20. Tonsil: Mix one teaspoon milk of papaya with one glass lukewarm water, and gargle with it. It provides relief.

21. Spleen enlargement:

  • Take one cup of papaya juice thrice a day, it normalizes spleen enlargement. Taking papaya or its juice prevents vomiting caused by malaria.
  • Spleen enlargement is normalized by taking papaya regularly.
  • Make the hole in a big raw papaya to insert 200 grams powder of rock salt and seal it by its piece, and then make a layer with cloth and soil on this papaya. Make again one-inch thick layer of cow dung over that layer. After that, put that papaya on the fire of cow dung to cook it. When burn cow dung, put out that papaya from fire. There after, remove its layer and put out that rock salt from papaya, and grind them to make powder. Take 5 grams this powder twice a day (in the morning and evening) regularly for 3 weeks. It is an excellent remedy to remove spleen and liver problems.

22. Fractures: Mix half cup of carrot juice and half cup of Indian-goose-berry (aanvla) juice with juice of one papaya or guava. After that, take this mixture twice a day, it provides relief in fractures.

23. Nauseate and vomiting: Mix half cup of an equal quantity of pomegranate juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and tomato juice with one cup of papaya juice. After that, take this mixture, it provides relief in the condition of vomiting and nauseate.

24. High blood pressure: Mix half cup of orange juice, two spoon basil juice and two spoon of garlic juice with one cup of papaya juice. Take it twice a day for some days. It normalizes high blood pressure. The patient, who has been suffering form high blood pressure, should take papaya daily.

25. Anus prolapse: Grind papaya leaves, and mix with water and apply it on the affected portion. It cures anus prolapse.

26. Decreased or lactation secretion of milk:  If the woman faces the problem of decreased or lactation secretion of milk caused by lack of blood in the body, she should take ripe papaya on empty stomach regularly for 20 days. It enhances breast milk.

27. Loose motions: Boil raw papaya, and take it.  It provides relief from loose motions.

28. Kidney stone: Grind 6 grams root of papaya, and mix with 50 milliliters water in it. After that, take this mixture twice a day (in the morning and evening) regularly for 21 days, it breaks stone.

29. Indigestion:

  • Sprinkle black pepper powder on pieces of ripe papaya, and take it. It removes the weakness of digestive power.
  • Take cooked vegetables of raw papaya; it makes the digestive power strong.   

30. Liver disease:

  • Mix juice of half lemon with powder of papaya seeds. Taking 3 grams of this mixture twice a day (in the morning and evening) cures liver disease.
  • Mix two spoon juice of raw papaya with sugar and take, it provides benefit in the disease of liver and spleen.
  • Mix sugar in 10 ml milk of raw papaya and take thrice a day, it normalizes liver enlargement.

31. Diabetes:

  • Prepare a decoction by boiling papaya, catechu (katha), and betel-nut (supari) together. Taking this decoction cures diabetes.
  • Grind 20 grams papaya, 5 grams, catechu (katha) and betel-nut (supari) together and boil this powder in water to make a decoction. Taking this decoction provides relief from diabetes.

32. Plague: Take ¼ ml papaya juice twice a day (in the morning and evening), it prevents bleeding with phlegm and urine, and cures plague.

33. Stomach worms:

  • Taking 5 to 7 seeds of papaya with fresh water regularly for 5 days removes stomach pain caused by worms.
  • Grind 10 to 15 seeds of papaya with water, and take it regularly for 7 days. It provides relief.
  • Take 2 pinches seeds powder of papaya with fresh water thrice a day; it destroys stomach worms.
  • Mix honey and papaya juice with 125 to 250 milliliters hot water and after that cool it. After that, take this mixture after mixing lemon juice in it, it provides benefit to destroy stomach worms.
  • Taking 60 to 90 grams powder papaya regularly for 15 days destroys stomach worms.

34. Stomach pain:

  • Sprinkle lemon juice and rock salt on ripe papaya, and take it. It provides relief from stomach pain caused by constipation.
  • Mix lemon juice and sugare and take, it removes stomachache.

35. Cracked heels: Dry papaya peels and grin it to make the powder. After that, mix glycerin with this powder, and apply this mixture on the heels twice a day (in the morning and evening). It provides benefit in cracked heels.

36. High heart pulsation: Grind 100 grams papaya pulp and after that mix clove powder in it and take it. It normalizes heart pulsation.

37. Cholera: Grind papaya with rose water or water, and lick it. It helps for curing cholera.

38. High blood pressure:

  • Taking 400 grams papaya daily is helpful for the patient of high blood pressure.
  • Take ripen papaya after meal; it normalizes blood pressure.
  • Taking ripen papaya on empty stomach daily is useful to normalize blood pressure.

39. Skin disease: Taking 2 teaspoons juice of raw papaya twice a day (in the morning and evening) is useful to cure skin disease.

40. Itching nail: Applying juice of raw papaya on the nails is useful to remove itching nail.

41. Jaundice:

  • Take ripe papaya or cooked vegetables of papaya; it provides benefit in jaundice.
  • Grind 75 grams papaya with its peels to make a sauce, and mix it with 250 milliliters water. After that, mix sugar and glucose in this mixture according to taste. There after, give this mixture to the patient of jaundice for some days. To make it excessive tasteful, mix lemon juice and black pepper in it.  To cure child jaundice, use lack quantity of it.
  • The child who has suffered form jaundice, its hands and legs are thin or the liver has enlarged, mix half glass of papaya juice, one cup of grape juice, orange juice and mosambi juice and give it to take twice a day for some days. It cures jaundice. The juice of sugar candy should be given to the patient of jaundice.

42. Numbness: Grind papaya seeds with Sharipha seeds, and then mix with sesame oil. After that, apply this mixture on the affected parts, it removes numbness.

43. Anemia: Take 200 grams pulp of papaya regularly for 20 days; it enhances blood elements in the body.

44. Acne: Applying milk of papaya on face removes acnes.

45. For getting soft skin: Grind pulp of ripe papaya and apply it on the face, it makes the skin soft and fair.

46. Tonsil enlargement: Mix one teaspoon milk of papaya with 1 glass of lukewarm water, and gargle with it. It normalizes tonsil.