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[ P ] Related Medicines:

Taste: Panchakol is spicy.

Nature: It is hot in nature and daylight.


          Panchakol removes kapha-pitta, constipation and cures rheumatism. It clears the voice. It is beneficial for the patient who has been suffering from vomiting, cough, stomach troubles and breath problems.

Helpful in different diseases:

1. Stomach disorder: Dissolve 5 grams ground panchcol in one glass of whey (curd water) and then take it, while taking meals.

2. Medicine which increases digestive power: Grind 10 grams of an equal quantity of small pepper, pepper root (piplamool), panchcol, piper chaba, ceylen lead-wort (cheeta) and dry ginger together and filter it to make the powder. Taking 5 grams of this powder with water twice a day (in the morning and evening) digests eatable meal properly.