Introduction: -

          Palladium is specific drug to end the symptoms of gynecology. This drug is also useful to end ovary symptoms, chronic symptoms of ovary, incomplete destroyed tissue of glands, symptoms related to mind and skin and excessive weakness in the body.

          Palladium drug is used to end such symptoms as- hot natured, bitter talkative, proud nature, feeling excessive happiness to listen own praise, if any person talks bad thought about him before him, he becomes angry and starts on crying on a little topic.

Useful in various symptoms:

Symptoms related to mind: -

          Palladium drug is used to end such symptoms as- desire of weeping and flattering, proud nature, bad behavior and bitter talkative. 

Head-related Symptoms: -

         If a patient feels like the head is swinging, pain in temple and rear portion of the head, feeling a pain in head nerves, acrossed pain in the head, aggravation in pain after entertainment in evening, irritable natured and sour belching, the use of Palladium drug is beneficial. The patient suffers from above symptoms has also other head-related symptoms as- sensation of dusky face.     

Abdominal related Symptoms: -

          The use of Palladium drug is beneficial in such symptoms as- shooting pain in the region of naval to chest, feeling intestinal cutting by the teeth, sensation of chocked intestine, stomachache and swelling in right thigh.

Gynecology-related symptoms: -

          Palladium proves an effective drug in such symptoms as- bursting uterus with pain, pain in the chest region, feeling burning in stomach with a pain in right stomach, back pain, excessive discharging blood during menses, pain in the chest like punching arrow with burning and pain, pressure below the waist, etc.  When any things are punched in the lower portion of waist, the patient feels relax. Pain starts in in right ovary with swelling. Pain starts in the upper uterus membrane and when the patient discharges stool, gets relief. Leucorrhoea occurs with discharging white fluid. Swelling comes in the right hip with above such symptoms, pain starts in the shoulders and stomach, and the patient feels pain in right nipple and breast region like punching needle. Pain starts from navel to breast like shooting pain and unbearable. When suffered woman suckles her baby, at a time manses starts and she feels pain in right nipple like punching needle. This drug is very useful in the condition of these symptoms like when the disease begins from right ovary side and upper part of uterus has scratched, or uterus has displaced, and patient feels pain with burning sensation in the breast and near about stomach. If a woman has such symptoms, use Palladium drug to cure the disease.   

Symptoms related to external parts of the body: -  

         If a patient has such symptoms as- itchy wound on the body parts, feeling tiredness in rear back portion, feeling prickly pain from feet fingers to buttocks and sciatica, the use of Palladium drug is beneficial, pain in right shoulders and right buttocks, sciatica, etc.   

Relation: -

       Some qualities of Aregentum, Heloni and Apis medicines can be compared with Palladium drug. 

Complementary: -


Dose: -

          6th to 30th potencies of Palladium drug should be used end the symptoms of diseases.