Pakshi Asana



          The earth is touched by the body after sitting in the position of this asana, so it is called Pakshi asana. A person gets control on the breathing speed in this asana, which is very important for Yoga Siddhi.


          Spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and sit on the hips for the practice of this asana. Now extend your legs in both the sides as much as you can. Keep the knees in straight and stretched position in this position. Now extend both the hands on both the sides of the body. After that, turn waist towards right side and touch the right toe with left hand thereafter turn your body towards the left side and touch your left toe with right hand. Thus, hold right toe by the left hand and left toe by the right hand. This activity should be done 10-15 times. After completing this activity, hold your toes with your hands and try to touch the chest and head on the floor while exhaling.


          This asana is helpful in making the body flexible and the waist thin and flexible too. The body can be bent easily all around by the regular practice of this asana. It makes the mind constant and breathing activity normal. The breathing activity becomes fast during the practice of this asana in the beginning but this activity becomes normal later on, which is important for yoga. Persons, who suffer from urinary disorders and piles, should do the practice of this asana because it is useful for them. It purifies the blood, stool and sperm of all the nerves of the whole body. This asana helps in the treatment of ethiropsik lirosis, a disease of the arteries (there is retention in the arteries in this disease because of which the blood circulation becomes slow in the arteries.) Women do the practice of this asana sooner than men.