Painful delivery



          Generally, women suffer from labour pain at the time of delivery but some women faces violent pain at the time of delivery. Many women become unconscious because of this reason. The treatment becomes necessary for the pregnant women in this situation.

Treatment of painful delivery according to naturopathy:

  • If constipation is the cause of unbearable labour pain, the woman should cleanse her stomach by using enema.
  • If hardness of the uterus is cause of the origin of excessive labour pain, eject lukewarm water into the mouth of uterus with the help of syringe to make the uterus soft. Labour pain disappears and the child takes birth soon by doing so.
  • If there is another cause of excessive labour pain, she should take cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan) to get desired relief. The woman should keep cold bandages on the abdomen of pregnant woman. Thus, labour pain of the woman reduces.
  • If the woman has been suffering from stiffness and unconsciousness, make the woman lie on the bed in an airy room.
  • It should be considered that the woman may not suffer from any injury while moving hands and feet at the time of delivery.
  • Cold water should be sprinkled on the face at the time of delivery and cold bandage or mudpack should be applied on the abdomen of the woman for 3-4 minutes. Keep on changing these bandages after short intervals. In addition to, cover the neck with a bandage drenched in water. Massage head and whole back bone with cold water. Cleansing of the stomach with the help of enema is very beneficial. The woman gets lots of relief by doing so.