Introduction: -

        Paeonia is very useful drug to end the symptoms related to rectum and anus. This drug is also useful in the wounds of lower portions of legs and feet, feet toes, nipples and rectum.

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related Symptoms: -

        The flow of blood becomes fast in the head and face. Patient also suffers from neuralgia, giddiness, eyes burning and tinnitus aureum (voice in the ear). Paeonia drug should be used to end these symptoms. 

Symptoms related to Rectum: -

        If a patient has such symptoms as- painful anus with itching, swollen anus, burning in the anus after excretion and after that feeling coolness in the anus, painful wound on the anus, discharging fetid blood from the anus, purple crusts in the anus part, intense pain starts during and after excretion, sudden diarrhoea, discharging thick fluid in stool along with stomachache and feeling unconsciousness, the use of Paeonia drug is very appropriate.    

Symptoms related to Chest: -

        Paeonia drug should be used to end the symptoms of such pain in left chest side as digging, feeling warmth in the chest and slight pain across the heart.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body: -

        If a patient has symptoms of pain in the wrist, hand fingers, knees and feet fingers and difficulty in walking due to feeling legs weakness, the use of Paeonia drug is beneficial to end these symptoms.

Symptoms related to sleep: -

        The use of Paeonia drug is beneficial in the symptoms of several troubles with horrifying dreams and dreams of grief. 

Symptoms related to Skin: -

        Paeonia drug should be used to end the symptoms of pain in skin parts, wounds in below coccyx and around the sacrum, ulcer of varicose veins, wounds and feeling tightness in the back area to sleep on the bed, itching and burning on the body parts and Chhapaki on the skin.  

Relation: -

        Paeonia can be compared with glaucoma, hamamelis, aesculus, Ratanhia and Silicea medicines. 

Removing Bad Effects: -

        Aloge and Ratania medicines remove bad effects of Paeonia drug.

Dose: -

        3 potency of Paeonia drug should be used to end the symptoms of diseases.