The action of Oxytropis drug is very good on the nervous systems. This drug is also very useful in the condition of accumulating of blood and like a paralysis affects in the spinal cord, increasing, reducing pain rapidly, etc.

Use of Oxytropis drug according to the symptoms of the different diseases:-

Symptoms related to the heart:

          In this case, the patient wants that he went on sitting alone all the time, undesired for doing any work, do not like talking to someone, think about his disease, mental problems, dizziness, etc. thus, to cure such symptoms of the patient, Oxytropis should be given to him.

Head-related symptoms:

          If the patient is suffering from symptoms like- dizziness due to movement of the head, feeling fulfillment and heat around his head, darkness appears in front of the eyes with intoxication, dryness of the mouth and nose, pain in the hanwasthiyon, chewing muscles, etc., give him Oxytropis drug in such symptoms.

Eyes- related symptoms:

         The patient should take Oxytropis drug in the conditions of reducing eyesight, contracting the eye-balls, paralysis affect in the muscles and nerves of the eyes, etc.

Stomach-related symptoms:

         The use of Oxytropis drug is very useful in the conditions of lancinating pain in the stomach with belch, feeling pain just after touching the digestive systems, etc.

Symptoms related to the rectum:

         In this case, the patient feels loose his contracting muscles, stools come out by slipping from the anus, stool is half liquid like clots of jelly, etc. Thus we should give Oxytropis drug to the patient in such symptoms.

Symptoms related to urine:

         Taking Oxytropis drug are very useful according to the symptoms like- if urine becomes forced by thinking about it, coming urine in excess volume, pain in the kidneys, etc.

Symptoms associated with men:

         In this case, patient do not like sexual intercourse or lessening of sexual excitement, feeling pain in the thigh with testicles, ejaculatory duct, etc. if the patient takes Oxytropis drug according to these symptoms, it is very useful for him.              

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

         If the patient feels pain in the nerves from the elbow to wrist, becoming the region around the spinal cord as insensitive, stumbling (move falter), decrease of accommodation, omitting the response of Janukndra, pain rapidly comes and goes, muscles remains painful, tough, etc., Giving Oxytropis to the patient according to such symptoms is benefited.

Symptoms associated with sleep:

         In this case, patient feels restlessness whole night, he dreams about fighting while sleeping at night. Thus giving Oxytropis drug to the patient in such symptoms is very effective.


         When the patient thinks about his disease, his disease is aggravated.


         Disease is ameliorated after sleep.


         Oxytropis can be compared with Estrarg, Lathir, Oxalicum-acidum, Baryta, Lolium, etc.


         3rd potency or higher potency of Oxytropis drug should be given to the patient according to the symptoms

of his disease.