Oxalicum acidum




          Oxalicum Acidum drug is used especially in the diseases of the spinal cord like- in crooked spinal cord, if the back, waist and buttocks become weak, in backache caused by the burning sensation of the spinal cord, etc.

Use of Oxalicum Acidum drug according to the symptoms of different diseases:-

Symtoms related to the stomach:

          If the patient feels severe pain in the digestive systems which gives some relief after releasing air from the anus, filled the mouth with excess water, feeling much coldness below the digestive system, burning sensation in the stomach with pain which is increased upwards, coming sour and bitter belches at night, pain starts even by little touch on the stomach etc, Oxalicum Acidium is very useful in the symptoms of such stomach-related diseases.

Abdominal symptoms:

          In this case, patient feels severe abdominal pain, burning sensation in small section of the abdomen, diarrhea occurs after taking coffee, severe pain in the upper region of the abdomen and navel area, liver pain like pricking something, etc. Thus, giving Oxalicum Acidum drug to the patient is beneficial in such symptoms of the abdominal disease.

Symptoms associated with male disease:

          If the patient feels pain in the testicle like neurological pain as if someone has crushed the testicles, testicle looks like heaviest, seminal vesiqulitis, etc., taking Oxalicum Acidum drug is beneficial in such conditions.

Urinary symptoms:

        If a person has any symptoms like- feeling urination again and again (frequently) and in excess amounts, pain in the urethra and glans penis while urination, if the patient thinks about urination, it definitely has to urinate, oxalet material comes in excess with urine, etc., the use of Oxalicum Acidum is very effective in such symptoms.

Head-related symptoms:

        In this case, the patient's head feels excessive burning sensation; he seems strange things and feels vertigo, headache starts before excretion etc. If Oxalicum Acidum drug had given to the patient in such symptoms, it is benefited for him.

Respiratory symptoms:

          The use of Oxalicum Acidum is very useful in the conditions of amorphous of the heart organs due to disordering of the neurological voices, feeling burning sensation inside the throat, respiratory disturbance, contraction of the chest and larynx, hoarseness, pain in the left lung which is moved up to the digestive systems, having difficulty in breathing, etc.

Symptoms related to the heart:

          Give Oxalicum Acidum drug to the patient on the basis of symptoms like– irregular heart beat, having difficulty in breathing, weak pulse, pain in the left lung as if it is cutting by something, Purohad pain which runs to the left shoulder, etc.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

          Taking Oxalicum Acidum drug gives benefit to the patient in the conditions of pain which begins from the spinal cord and moves to the external part of the body, strained and excruciating pain which is moved quickly to the genital organs, backache with insensitiveness and weakness of it, numbness of the muscles, wrist pain, becoming the genital organs blue, cold and insensitive, feeling like insensitiveness of the organs, severe pain in the different parts of the body, pain with jerk, etc.

Skin-related symptoms:

          In this case, patient feels sweating by itself, rash as if marble appears on the skin of the body, violent burning on the face which aggravates by shaving, etc. Thus, the sufferer should use Oxalicum Acidum drug in such symptoms.


          Diseases are aggravated by little touch, in the left part, due to light, after shaving, etc.


          Diseases are ameliorated by living in the open air.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

          Lime water should be used to remove the side effects of Oxalicum acidum.


          Oxalicum Acicum drug can be compared with drugs like- Arse, Colchicum, Argent, Picric-ac, Simor Ariatinum,

Siziprum, etc.


          6th to 30th potency of Oxalicum Acidum should be given to the patient according to the symptoms of his diseases.