Osmium metallicum




           Well, Osmium Metallicum is considered as very effective drug to eliminate various diseases.  But, especially it is very useful in the conditions of stimulation of the breathing tube, mucus, eyes diseases and disorders of the urinary bladder etc.

Use of Osmium Metallicum drug according to the symptoms of different diseases:-

Eyes-related symptoms:

         If the patient's eyes feel as if something has fallen in them, burning of the eyes, deficiency of the eye-sight, eyes are not able to see any things clearly, seems green around the bulb, sharp pain in his eyes, tearing eyes all the time, etc. Thus, Taking Osmium Metallicum drug is very useful to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Respiratory symptoms:

          If the patient is suffering from dry cough as well as hoarseness, sneezing with cough, pain in the central muscle of the chest, throat feels as if something has stuck in it, discharge of phlegm like tough thread from the patient’s throat, throat pain, pain in the larynx while speaking, with cough, throat feels as if it will be scratched, etc., giving Osmium Metallicum drug is beneficial in such symptoms of the patient.

Head-related symptoms:

          In this case, patient feels as if someone has tied bandage tightly around his head, falling of the hair, etc. Thus, taking Osmium Metallicum drug is very useful in such symptoms of the patient.

Urinary symptoms:

         Taking Osmium Metallicum drug gives relief in the conditions of coming urine in small amounts with stench, coming albumen with urine, brown urine with sediment of red colour, sweating in the armpit, etc.

Nasal symptoms:

          If the patient feels heavy nose as well as cold and catarrh, insensitive of the nose and larynx about air, discharge of small clots of muscus from posterior nares, etc., he should take Osmium Metallicum drug on the basis of such symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:

           In this case, the patient's skin is suffering from eczema with violent itch, skin burn, pimples with itch on the skin, stinky sweat that come more in the evening and at night, etc. Thus, Osmium Metallicum drug should be given in such symptoms of the patient.


           Osmium Metallicum drug can be compared with Argent, Iridium, Selini, Mangnum, etc.


           We should give 6x potency of Osmium Metallicum drug to the patient.