Orum metallicum



           Orum Metallicum works best in those patient's psychiatric symptoms in which, patient becomes disgusted with his life completely; feels as if he is living in the world unnecessarily. The patient is surrounded by anyone of the diseases like boils, pain and wounds in the bones, T.B. of the bones. These diseases cause problems in his mind. This type of psychiatric disease occurs in women when she is surrounded by uterus disease like hard uterus, displacement of the uterus from its original place. Besides them, psychiatric symptoms of the patient appear also due to accumulation of the blood in the heart, chest, mind, kidney, etc. Sometimes the patient becomes more irritable and if a person speaks or explains to him, he fills in anger.

           Orum Metallicum drug is also acts better in the conditions of bone diseases caused by syphilis like- T.B of the bones of nose and palate, enlargement of the breasts and bones etc. This drug also acts quickly in catarrh or epistaxis. This drug is also useful in the condition of closing the nostril, blocking the nose due to occurring any type of wound in it, crust in the nose, smelly discharge from the nose, etc.


           Orum Metallicum drug can be compared with Kali-iodide, Esaphitida, Mercerius, etc.