Origin of sexual power


Sex organs and knowledge about them :

There are several endocrine glands in human body, which perform different kinds of functions. Different kinds of secretions excrete from these endocrine glands. All kinds of fluids excreted from these glands mingle into the blood. Man’s virility and woman’s womanhood are connected with these excretions.  

There is a need to know which the glands are that excrete hormones and provides vitality to all the body organs before knowing the origin of sexual power in both man and woman. Beard, moustache, semen and heaviness in the voice appear because of the hormones excreted from the glands of virility existed in the body.    

A person attracts towards opposite sex because of these hormones. These glands affect sexual life of men. Therefore, it can be said that we get sexual power from these glands. If there is a disturbance in any one of these glands because of any reason, sexual power reduces and sometimes a person can be impotent fully or partially.   

There are several kinds of glands, which affect sexual power of a man. The names of such glands are as thyroid gland, pituitary gland, parathyroid gland, gonads and adrenal glands.

Pituitary gland:-

Pituitary gland controls the hormones of a man’s testicles. If this gland does not work properly, the growth of the body stops. This gland controls the fat of the body too. This gland is attached to the base of the brain. If there is a disturbance in the pituitary gland, man shows female symptoms and woman shows male symptoms. There is also a lack of sexual power because of the disturbance in pituitary gland.   

We should include protein, vitamin-B, vitamin-C and vitamin E in our diet for the normal activity of this gland. Sprouted grains, fresh fruits, green vegetables, egg, dry fruits and kernels should be taken. 

This gland controls to the sexual power. This glands works speedily in youth age consequently hormones originate. All the genitals develop because of the hormones generated in this gland.

Thyroid gland:-

An endocrine gland situated at base of the neck. This gland excretes a hormone named thyroxin, which is essential for physical and mental growth. If this gland does not excrete secretion properly, body and brain do not develop well. The lack of thyroxin become the cause of physical weakness, laziness of the body, lack of memory power and the patient starts to suffer from panting breath and excessive fat in the body. There is a lack of sexual power if this gland does not work well. Therefore, we can say that this gland works as a guard between body and mind.     

We should take protein, radish, tomatoes, spinach, egg, cheese, milk, melon, green vegetables, ghee, iodized salt and seafood in our diet. Thus, this gland will work properly if we take all the things mentioned above. 

Parathyroid glands:-

This gland is one of the four small endocrine gland located on the back of, and at the lower border of the thyroid gland. These are the glands, which control the quantity of calcium and phosphorus in the body. There is a need of phosphorus, calcium and vitamin-D in the body for the proper functions of heart and ligaments. A woman gets womanhood and man gets virility because of this gland.   

For the proper function of this gland, we should take foodstuffs prepared from milk, sea eatable foodstuffs, sesame, pulses and green vegetable in our diet.

Thymus gland:-

This is the gland situated in the mediastinal cavity anterior to and above the heart. This gland develops immunity in the body. This gland reaches its maximum weight at about puberty and then undergoes involution. This gland becomes tiny in old age. If this gland stops its work, growth of the body also stops. There is a great importance of this gland while making sexual relation. 

For the proper function of this gland, we should consist of vitamin-B and vitamin-C in our meals. For gaining these vitamins, we should take yolk of an egg, unbroken corn, milk, dry fruits, green vegetables, fish and sesame oil. Besides, the use of juice of fresh fruits, butter, Indian gooseberry (amala), sprouted grains and juice of lemon is beneficial.  

Adrenal gland:-

This gland is situated above each kidney and the hormone named adrenaline exudes from this gland. This hormone develops emotions and agitation in the body. A person becomes aware about sudden fear because of this hormone. This gland is called immunity gland too. This gland produces sex urge while making sexual intercourse. If there is a lack of this hormone in the body, a person becomes the victim of irritation, exhaustion and lack of sexual urge.   

For the proper function of adrenal gland, we should contain vitamin-A, vitamin-B complex, vitamin-C, protein and minerals in abundant quantity. Besides it, we should take dry fruits, fresh fruits, green vegetables, kernels of the fruits, sea products, Indian gooseberry (amla), unbroken grains, sour juicy fruits etc.   

Gonads gland:-

This gland is called a gland that enhances sexual power. Agility, strength and sexual power keep on in the body because of gland. If there is disturbance in its function, a person feels physical weakness and lack of beauty, puberty, glow and sexual power.  

For the proper function of this gland, we should include vitamin-A, vitamin-C, vitamin-E, vitamin-B complex and products full of proteins in our meals. Therefore, we should take lemon, curd, milk, Indian gooseberry (amla), lemon juice, egg, rice without polish, fresh fruit, flour with siftings and fresh fruits.

Sex hormones:-

Sex hormones are necessary to produce sex urge in the body and these hormones are produced in the body by several glands existed in the body. These hormones perform very important role in sexual relations viz hormones are essential for active sexual life. Such hormones are as-dopamine, estrogen, vasopressin, D.H.E.A, prolectin, testosterone, oxytocin and P.E.A. a brief description of a few hormones has been given below.   

Testosterone hormone:-

This hormone activates different changes in the body from childhood to puberty. This hormone causes heaviness in the voice, grows hair on different part of body, increases fat on different body organ, originates semen and sperms as well as enhances sexual urge in the body. Sexual power decreases if there is a lack of this hormone in the body.

This is the main hormone that is responsible for sexual urge in the body of a man. Testicles develop because of this hormone and they are activated by the hormones named gonodotrifin gonodotrifin rapidly. It is the hormone, which starts the production of sperms in the semen of a man. Symptoms of sex urge are also produced in the body because of this hormone.

This hormone is produced in a boy when it is in the womb but it starts its work in adolescence and puberty.  A child becomes a youth gradually because of this hormone. At this time, the gland named pituitary starts the production of a hormone because of which genitals develop. After that, this hormone viz testosterone starts the movement of hormone and produces sex power in a man.

Oxytocin hormone:-

During sexual intercourse when a person touches his wife or embraces her, the production of this hormone increases. That is why it is called hormone of touch. This hormone is responsible for touch pleasure, zeal, enjoyment, calmness and love feelings in man. Orgasm also depends on this hormone and a person gets rid of depression too.

Dopamine hormone:-

This hormone produces enjoyment, excitement, zeal and love for sexual life in the body. All the desires of mind depend on the activities of this hormone.

Estrogen hormone:-

This hormone is found in a female and a kind of excited fragrance is produced in her body because of this hormone. This hormone produces a kind of attraction in women because of which men become excited and attract towards them.

Vasopressin hormone:-

This hormone sustains sex urge in a man mixing with testosterone. A man gets great pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Prolactin hormone:-

When the production of this hormone enhances in the body, sexual urge of man starts to decrease.

D. H. E. A. hormone:-

This hormone keeps on producing other hormones in the body by the action of atoms. Sexual urge, eagerness for sex and orgasm are controlled by this hormone.

P. E. A. hormone:-

Some scientists say that the atom of love is produced because of the secretion of this hormone and the nature of person becomes romantic. A man is attracted towards woman very much when the production of this hormone increases in the body. He becomes mad in love and does what a woman says to him to do. He starts singing a song like filmy hero and becomes more excited during sexual intercourse.  

All types hormones are included in the body and give birth such activates because of which attraction starts on originating between male and female and other types feeling originates. Such feelings are- sexual urge, excitement in genitals etc. some scientists think that the hormones named oxytocin and vasopressin excite both man and woman to attract to each other. The production of these hormones increases when a man and woman kiss and embraces to each other. Some scientists think that the hormones named oxytocin produces an emotion between man and woman to live together.  

According to some researches, the hormone, oxytocin, regenerate sexual urge in a man and woman when they are in cool mood after making sexual intercourse once. This hormone is produced by the gland named pituitary. The hormones vasopressin and oxytocin make a reaction after mixing because the work that is started by the hormone named oxytocin is completed by hormone vasopressin.

Besides these hormones, there is another hormone, which performs an important job in the body. This hormone changes the feelings and thinking of person. This hormone makes a man to make sexual relation with a woman. Sexual organs and genitals remain excited during sexual intercourse.

Impact of sex glands on the man’s testicles and woman’s ovule:-

There is lot of impact of these glands on the body and mind of both male and female. Sex glands can be classified in different stages according to their capacity.

1.     Adolescence: This is the stage when sex glands start their work.

2.     Puberty: This is the age when sex glands perform their work properly.

3.     Old age: In this age, sex glands stop their work gradually.

All sex glands produce sex hormones and develop sex organs fully. These hormones not only affect to the sex organs but also all over body. These hormones work in sex life as chemical fertilizer in agriculture. Sexual organs can develop without these hormones and when sex organ will not develop, a person cannot able for sexual intercourse.

The activity of hormones in women is more complicated than the men. There are different kinds of hormones are produced in the body of females as given below- hormones excreted from pituitary gland which works to ripe an ovule, hormone that is required for conception, folicular hormone and carpus lutium.