Oreodaphane is a very useful drug in neuralgic headache; pain in the neck, forehead and intestine, intestinal diarrhea, etc.

Use of Oreodaphane drug according to the symptoms of different diseases:-

Head-related symptoms:

         If the patient is suffering from vertigo which gets aggravated by bowing and moving, he seems as if his head has become so heavy, eyelids of the patient becomes heavy, head feels fast itch, headache starts due to little or loud noises, back portion of the neck and head goes on paining slightly all the time that is moved to the spinal cord and upper part of the head through the shoulders, ears of the patient feels pain, patient thinks as if his headache will reduce if he will shake his head all the time, but it does not gives any relief, etc., the patient should take Oreodaphane drug according to such symptoms of the disease.

Stomach-related symptoms:

       The use of Oreodaphane drug is very useful in the conditions of nauseate, belching again and again, shivering, intestinal diarrhea, etc.


          Giving 1st to 3rd potency of Oreodaphane drug is very effective for the patient.


          If we give the mother tincture of Oreodaphane drug to the patient to smell, it will give quick relief.