If a person does not feel any problem about his disease whether it is too big, he does all his works like ordinary days, at that time giving Opium is very useful. Besides it, this drug shows magical effects in the condition of retention of urine, constipation, flatulence due to the weakness of the anus or urethra.

Use of Opium drug according to the symptoms of various diseases: -

Head-related symptoms:

         The use of Opium drug regularly is very useful in symptoms like- older people feel as if their head is too light, head feels too heavy, dizziness, pain in rear of the head, the patient feels pain in his head as fast as if head will be torn, loss of memory completely, a person goes on speaking, but the patient does not understand his words etc.

Symptoms related to mood (mind):

         The use of Opium drug proves very useful in the symptoms of mental illness when the patient does not like anything, loss of memory completely, coming strange terrible thoughts in the mind, does not understand his own said words, seems as if he is not at home, but he is already at home, start crying, shouting, etc.

Eyes-related symptoms:

          In this case, the patient's eyes remains half opened and half closed, becoming the eyeballs wide, hanging down of the eyelids, becoming the eyes like statue position, etc. Thus, giving Opium drug to the patient in such symptoms of the eyes proves very useful.

Symptoms related to the mouth:

           Give Opium drug in the condition of feeling dry mouth, the patient's tongue is changed in black due to paralysis effects, he feels thirst again and again (frequently), difficulty in swallowing anything or in speaking, blood coming with foam from the mouth, etc.

Symptoms related to the stomach:

          If the patient has been suffering from abdominal pain with vomiting and unconsciousness, coming out wastes materials from the body by vomiting, suppressed Hernia, feeling hunger again and again, but does not like to eat, etc. Thus, giving Opium drug to the patient according to the symptoms is very useful.

Abdominal symptoms:

        Giving Opium drug is very effective in the conditions of becoming the stomach tough due to flatulence, abdominal pain with difficult excretion, etc.

Symptoms related to sewage:

           In this case, the patient has been suffering from constipation, lack of desire at all to go for excretion, coming round shaped black stool, stool refuses to come out, violent pain in the rectum, stool comes rapidly with smell etc. if we give Opium to the patient on the basis of such symptoms, it is very useful for him.

Urinary symptoms:

          In this case, patient feels urination too late and in small amounts, suppression of urine because of any kind of fear or come out by itself, feeling weak urinary tube, etc. Thus, giving Opium to the patient in such symptoms is beneficial.

Symptoms related to Gynecology:

          If a woman has been suffering from suppressed menses due to any kind of fear, unconsciousness due to the stoppage of after pain, pregnant woman feels unconsciousness; she feels much sleepy, very fast delivery afflictions in the uterus with coming stool speedily, etc. Thus, the sufferer should take Opium regularly to get its benefits.

Respiratory symptoms:

          In the condition like- stoppage of breathing as soon as sleep, hard to shake the patient to start breathing again, feeling hoarseness, snoring too fast while sleep, painful and haltingly breathing (inhaling and exhaling), feeling burning sensation near the heart with the chest hotness, difficulty in breathing as well as cough, pale blue face, phlegm comes out with blood in cough, etc., giving Opium drug is very useful.

Sleep related symptoms:

          If the patient feels much sleepy in which he does not know where he is sleeping, stoppage of breathing after sleepy, screaming while sleeping, feels sleepy, but it is very difficult to sleep, sees terrible dreams of the wild animals during sleep, shivering is generated in the body of the patient with the feeling of cold then his body becomes hot, feels sleepy, profuse sweating, feels thirsty too with hotness of the body etc. if a person has any symptoms of this type, give him Opium regularly. All the symptoms are cured soon.

Symptoms related to fever:

          In this case, patient feels low pulse rate in the condition of fever, heat is spread throughout the body of the patient, hot sweating from the entire body of the patient, strange noises come when the patient breathes during fever, the patient feels very thirsty and sleepy too, the patient feels low fever with deep sleep.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

          If the patient feels curved back like a bow, swelling of the neck nerves, painless stroke, quivering the body parts, numbness of the organs, feeling jerk in the body as if the activity of the contracting muscles have increased, feeling unconsciousness due to excess light, etc., giving Opium according to the symptoms of the patient is beneficial.

Skin-related symptoms:

          If the patient’s body becomes wet due to hot sweat, wants to remove sheet from his body by heating with his hand and feet, sweating from the entire body except genital organs, etc., if a person has any symptoms of this type, giving opium proves very effective.


          Diseases are aggravated by heat, while sleeping or after it.


          Diseases are ameliorated by cold things and walking constantly.

Anti-miasmatic medicine:

          The harmful effects of Opium drug is removed by taking strong coffee again and again.


          Alue, Baryta-carbonica, Hyoscyamus, Phosphorus, Plumb, etc.


          Opium drug can be compared with drugs like- Api, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Nux-moschata, Morphinum, Codin, Ashkaulgia, etc. drugs.


From 3x to 30th or 200th potency of the Opium drug should be given to the patient.