Operculina turpethum




           Operculina turpethum is very useful in diseases like plague, fever, loose motions, etc.

Use of Operculina turpethum in various diseases:

Symptoms associated with mood-

           If the patient is suffering from restlessness with shouting and crying, talking with himself all the time, running after awaking suddenly, unconsciousness due to pain, etc., using Operculina turpethum is very effective.

Abdominal symptoms –

           Operculina turpethum is very beneficial in the symptoms of watery loose motions, shrinking the stomach inward, bloody piles, cholera, etc.

Skin related symptoms –

           If the patient is suffering from separation of the lymphatic glands, toughness of the skin, boils, etc., giving Operculina turpethum is very beneficial.