According to homeopathic medicine, Onosmodium enhances sexual power of both the male and female. Beside it, it is also beneficial in neuralgic pain, migraine, etc.

Use of Onosmodium in various diseases-

Head-related symptoms:

            If the patient is suffering from lack of concentration, unable to maintain balance in between brain and body, shivering of the hands at the time of holding any object, feels as if there is no strength in his hands, etc., giving Onosmodium is very useful.

Sleep related symptoms:

            Onosmodium should be used in the symptoms of sleeplessness at night or awaking soon, strange and horrible dreams at night, the patient gets up early in the morning before sunrise.

Symptoms related to Gynecology:

            If a woman is suffering from early menses and persisting for a long time, profuse leucorrhea as sharp and yellow appearance, itching sensation in the vagina and pain in the ovary, even clothes are also felt too heavy, pain in the breasts and itching in the nipples, violent pain in the uterus, lack of sexual desires as in the period of menstruations, etc., giving Onosmodium is very useful in such symptoms.

Symptoms related to men diseases:

            In symptoms like- sexual excitement all the time, early ejaculation during sexual intercourse, the patient is suffered from impotency mentally and goes on thinking as if he has any defect, the penis is not able to get excitement while sexual intercourse, etc., use of Onosmodium is very effective.

Chest symptoms:

            If the patient is suffering from violent pain in the chest and feels as if his chest has swelled with pain, pain in the heart, weakness of the nerves, sometimes pulse rate becomes fast and sometimes becomes slow, etc., taking Onosmodium is very effective.

Abdominal symptoms –

            Onosmodium should be used in the cases of flatulence, frequent desires for drinking cold water etc.

Eyes related symptoms –

            If the patient is suffering from lack of vision, he feels as if his eyes get strain, lack of vision due to weakness of the eyes muscles, pain in between the eyes cavity and eyeballs that is moved to the left temple etc., Onosmodium should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Throat related symptoms –

            If the patient is suffering from dryness of the throat, secretion from the rear of the nose, feeling like rawness and scratch inside the throat, close the rear section of the nose etc., taking Onosmodium is very effective.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body –

            Giving Onosmodium is very beneficial in different symptoms like- back pain, tiredness and numbness in the back section of the knees and below the knees that causes lameness, violent pain in the left shoulder, weakness of the muscles with tiredness in them etc.


            diseases are aggravated by walking and moving, jerk and putting on too tight clothes.


            Diseases are ameliorated by lying down on the back, putting off clothes, drinking cold water and taking meal etc.


            Onosmodium can be compared with drugs like- Natrum-muriaticum, Lillium, Gelsemium and Ruta etc.


            30g potency of Onosmodium should be given to the patient for curing diseases.