Oleum jecoris aselli




          Oleum jecoris aselli is very beneficial in diseases related to the liver and column glands. This drug contains iodine, so it can be given in diseases that are cured by iodine. Besides it, it also acts better in those diseases in which iodine is not required.

          Oleum jecoris aselli has the properties of cord liver oil too, so it is beneficial in infantile rickets, weakness, nodes of the throat, sleeplessness due to feeling restlessness whole night, dislike of mother milk, burning in the palm, chronic loose motions, any chest disease, etc.

Use of Oleum jecoris aselli in various diseases:-

Respiratory symptoms-

          If the patient is suffered from cold and catarrh just after exposing to little cold, water blowing from the nose, dry cough while sleeping at night, chocked throat, whirring sound producing in the chest, etc., using Oleum jecoris aselli is very effective in such symptoms.

Skin related symptoms:

          Oleum jecoris aselli should be given in different symptoms like- redness of the neck, swelling of the ears, things nodes, etc.

Symptoms associated with fever:

          If the patient is suffering from severe cold daily after noon, relapsing fever, profuse sweating while sleeping at night due to which, the bed is wetted, etc., using Oleum jecoris aselli is very effective.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

          In symptoms like- TB of the bones, fever of the bones, dryness of the bones, soften of the bones, boils near the bones, etc., Oleum jecoris aselli proves as very effective drug.


          Oleum jecoris aselli can be compared with drugs like- Tubarkali, Phosphorus, Iod, etc.


          The trituration of 1st to 30th potency of Oleum jecoris aselli should be given to the patient.


          Although, Oleum jecoris aselli proves as very effective drug in boils, but in the case of boils of the spinal cord,

it makes no impression.