Oleander-nerium odorum




             Oleander-Nerium Odorum acts better in skin diseases, heart diseases and on the nervous systems.

Use of Oleander-Nerium Odorum in various symptoms:

Symptoms associated with mood:

             If the patient is suffering from weak memory and is forgotten any topics soon, inability to understand any thing easily, constipation, etc., giving Oleander-Nerium Odorum is very useful for him.

Head-related symptoms:

             Oleander-Nerium Odorum should be given to the patient suffering from violent pain in the head as if his head will burst within few minutes, complete numbness of the head, feels dizziness just after looking downward or staring at any object or by raise up his head on the bed, every thing seems as double, inability to understand any topic easily, eruptions or pimples on the head, violent itching on the forehead and on the edges of hairs that is aggravated by heat, etc.

Eyes related symptoms:

             If the patient is suffering from watery eyes by doing writing or reading work, seems everything as double, feeling as if his eyes have stretched backwards, appearing blue spots around the eyes, etc., giving Oleander-Nerium Odorum is very beneficial in these symptoms.

Symptoms associated with stomach:

             If the patient feels violent hunger, he goes on craving for food whether give much food, violent thirst, belching all the time, vomits all the eaten food, etc., giving Oleander-Nerium Odorum is very beneficial.

Abdominal symptoms:

             If the patient is suffering from rumbling in the stomach with coming out stinky air from the anus, pain around the navel as if someone is scratching, feels as if he has to excretion, but stools do not come out even by sitting for a long time, pain with burning sensation in the anus, loose motions in the morning resemble food eaten at last night, etc., giving Oleander-Nerium Odorum is very beneficial.

Respiratory symptoms:

             Taking Oleander-Nerium Odorum is very useful in the symptoms like- feeling as lots of weight has kept on the chest, fast breathing just after lying down on the bed, irregular heart beats, weakness, emptiness in the chest, etc.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

             In symptoms like- weakness in the reproductive organs, legs and feet of the patient, cold feet like ice, unconsciousness due to weakness, feeling pressure in different parts of the body, etc., Oleander-Nerium Odorum proves as very useful drug.

Skin related symptoms:

             Oleander-Nerium Odorum is very useful drug in symptoms like- boils and pimples on the skin that go on secreting blood, scabby eruptions on the skin with itching sensation that aggravates at night, much insensitiveness of the skin as if it is scratched even by little scratching, suppression of sweat, etc.


             Diseases are aggravated by putting off clothes, taking rest, rubbing with clothes, etc.


  • Diseases are ameliorated by looking here and there and by lying down.
  • Anti-miasmatic medicines Camphora and Sulphur are used to remove side effects of Oleander-Nerium Odorum.


             Coni, Natrum-muriaticum, Rhus-toxicodendron, Causticum, Lathyr, etc. can be compared with Oleander-Nerium Odorum.


             3x to 30x potency of Oleander-Nerium Odorum should be used for curing diseases.