Oldenlandia herbacea




         Oldenlandia herbacea is very beneficial in the cases like- slight fever, any type of disorder in the digestive systems, neuralgic lethargy, jaundice, etc.

Use of Oldenlandia herbacea in various symptoms:

Symptoms associated with fever:

         This drug is very beneficial in symptoms like- feeling coldness with rising body temperature, thirst, and headache and burning sensation in the entire body after getting up in the morning, decreasing fever slowly, relapsing fever that comes with bilious symptoms, fever that is high on the first day, low on next day, etc.

Symptoms associated with the stomach:

         Giving Oldenlandia herbacea proves as very effective drug in the symptoms of vomiting, loose motions, etc. due to heat.


          Oldenlandia herbacea should be used as mother tincture or 3x, 6x or 30th potency.