Oenothera biennis


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         Oenothera biennis is known to be very effective drug for the diseases of the stomach like- chronic loose motions, bloody diarrhea, sutika, etc. Inthora Bienis drug is considered a very enigmatic disease of old-diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, maternity, etc. When a child is suffering from loose motions for a long time, water gets accumulated in his brain (brain dropsy) and he is become too lethargy; if this drug is given to that child, he starts playing and jumping within few days. It is also very useful in the cases of woman symptoms like-  blood deficiency in the body, loose motions, weakness, etc. after giving birth to young ones.


           Mother tincture or 2x potency of Oenothera biennis should be given to the patient.