Oenanthe crocata




             Oenanthe crocata proves as very effective drugs in the cases of unconsciousness due to epilepsy, during menstruations, pregnancy, unconsciousness after giving birth to young ones, burning sensation in the throat and stomach, nausea and vomiting, etc.

Use of Oenanthe crocata in various symptoms-

Head-related symptoms:

         If the patient is suffering from intensive headache with vertigo, over depression with dizziness, facial blueness, wider eyeballs, locking jaw with frothy mouth, starts crying even on little topics, coming out the tongue after drying with little coats on it, suppressed voice, yawning all the time, etc., giving Oenanthe crocata to the patient is appropriate.

Symptoms related with respiration:

            Taking Oenanthe crocata is very useful in symptoms like- cough with whirring sound in the lower section of the chest at the same time, discharge of phlegm with foam from the mouth, whirring sound with breathing, etc.

Symptoms related to the external body part:

            In the cases like- unconsciousness, curved back like a bow, neuralgic pain in the things and waist that starts from the back, coldness and numbness of the hands, legs, etc., giving Oenanthe crocata is very beneficial to cure such symptoms of the patient.


             All the diseases of the patient are aggravated by water.


             Oenanthe crocata can be compared with Chiquita and Kali-bromatum.


             1x to 6x potency of Oenanthe crocata should be used to cure diseases.