Ocimum sactum




          Ocimum sactum is very useful in asthma, cold-catarrh, cough, fever, etc. Besides them, it is also very effective to kill worms.

Use of Ocimum sactum in various symptoms: 

Symptoms associated with mood or mind:

        If the patient is suffering from forgetfulness remains sad all the time, feels sleepy all the time, sleepy while talking with others, unable to concentrate, etc., Ocimum sactum proves as very effective drug in such symptoms.

Head-related symptoms:

          Ocimum sactum is very useful in symptoms like- violent headache, feels heavy head as if a heavy weight has kept on the head, vertigo, burning sensation in the head, feeling heat in the upper portion of the forehead, etc.

Symptoms related to the eyes:

          In different symptoms like- pain in the eyes with redness of them, exposing to cold, tears are rolling down (lachrymation) all the time, goes on paining in the eyes, darkness before the eyes by looking at on thing, etc., Ocimum sactum should be given to the patient.

Ears related symptoms:

          If the patient is suffering from earache by loud noise, echoes strange voices in the ears, watery secretion from the ears, lack of hearing power, etc., giving Ocimum sactum is very beneficial.

Symptoms associated with the nose:

          Ocimum sactum is very effective to cure such patient who is suffering from frequent sneezing due to exposure to cold, white or yellow secretion from the nose, wounds inside the nostrils, bleeding from the nose, etc.

Symptoms associated with the abdomen:

          Giving Ocimum sactum to the patient having symptoms like- flatulence, belching all the time, hiccup, rumbling sound inside the stomach, lack of appetite, heaviness in the stomach that does not ameliorate even after excretion, pain with gripping in the liver or spleen, etc.

Symptoms associated with fever:

          Ocimum sactum is very effective drug in influenza or such fevers in which cough starts, rapid pain in the body, pain in the bones, muscular pain with headache, feeling cold with typhoid fever, burning sensation in the entire body, feeling sleepy and unconsciousness all the time, etc.

Symptoms associated with sewage:

          If the patient is suffering from excretion in large amount with smell, yellow or green stools coming with phlegm or blood, he is not able to hold stools during fever, loose motions in the rainy or winter season, etc., Ocimum sactum is very useful in such symptoms.

Symptoms associated with urine:

         In the symptoms of infantile urination unknowingly, burning sensation in the urinary tube while urination, frequent urination, etc., Ocimum sactum is very useful.

Symptoms related with Gynecology:

          Giving Ocimum sactum is very beneficial in different symptoms like- bleeding after giving birth to young one, coming water from the vagina, stinky secretion that goes on coming for several days, etc.


          Mother tincture or 3x potency of Ocimum sactum should be given to the patient.