Ocimum canum




           This drug acts very effectively in various diseases of the kidneys, urethra and urinary tube. It also acts better in the case of kidneys stones.

Use of Ocimum canum in various symptoms:

Symptoms related to Gynecology:

           If a woman is suffering from inflammation in the vagina, very soft nipples that start paining just after touching them, pain in the vagina as if something is pricking, tough and heavy breasts, tearing of the vagina, etc., Ocimum canum is very useful in such symptoms.

Symptoms associated with men:

           Ocimum canum is very useful in the swelling and heat aggravating in the testicles.

Symptoms associated with urine:

           In the symptoms as-thick and dirty urination, blood coming with urine, coming pus with urine, red or yellow sediments like bricks in urine, pain in the urinary tube and kidneys, coming acid or uric acid in urine, etc., taking Ocimum canum is very effective.


           Ocimum canum can be compared with Parera, Lycopodium, Artica hedia, etc.


           6th to 30th potency of this drug is very beneficial.