Color: Ochre is yellow and red.

Taste: It is vapid.

Structure: It is a red soil, which is brought out from the earth.

Nature: Ochre is cool and dry in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of ochre may be harmful for the intestines.

Removing bad effect: Mastagi removes the bad effects of ochre.

Compare: It can be compared with sterculia urens.

Dosage: Ochre can be used in 6 grams quantity.


Ochre cures blood diseases, prevents hiccups and alleviates poisoning too. It brings phlegm out and is useful for children. Taking ocher is useful to prevent vomiting and cure piles too. It makes menstrual excretion normal and kills stomach worms.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Hair problems: Grind ochre and sesamem flower 20 grams each together. Make a paste by grinding one spoon this mixture with water and apply it on the head, it provides beneficial in alopecia.

2. Vomiting: Heat 25 grams pieces of ochre on the fire and put it in little water for cooling. Vomiting is prevented by giving this water to the patient to drink.

3. Piles: Soak 58 grams ochre in ghamira juice and prepare round (Gola) from it after drying. Cook this round (Gola) on the fire and prepare powder from it after grinding. Applying this powder on piles moles provides relief.

4. Blood leucorrhoea (Metrorrhagia): Make the powder by grinding about 2 grams pure ochre and 10 grams alum together. After that, take one gram this mixture with milk twice a day; it cures metrorrhoea.

5. Urticaria:

  • Mix ochre with water and apply it on the body thereafter cover the body with blanket, it cures urticaria.
  • Mix ground ocher with oil and rub it on the urticaria, it provides relief early.
  • Make pudding by mixing 1 spoon ground ochre, 1 spoon turmeric and 1 spoon sugar with coarse wheat-flour. After that, take this pudding, it provides relief in urticaria.
  • Urticaria is cured by taking sweet cake of ochre.

6. Syphilis: Make a paste by mixing ochre, hujuj, runia card-folia, cuscus, padhmakh, sandal, liquorice and utpal together. After that, coat this paste on the affected part, it cures wound caused by syphilis.