Obesity (fatness) and over weight are not a same matter, but obesity stands for increasing fat on the body while weight can vary according to the height and it can be increased up to 20% of the height. In this disease, fat is increased in the body due to which weight is increased as well as the body is spread and a person becomes fat. Due to becoming fat, he feels difficulty in doing many types of work like- walking, sitting, standing or running, etc.

Obesity is the stage of a person in which extra fat is accumulated on his body. Due to obesity, not only the internal organs like heart and lungs are affected, but it can also responsible for diabetes, blood pressure and burning in the joints.  


Obesity is occurred due to over eating. By taking additional foods, calorie level is increased inside the body and required energy is decreased than normal people, because the digestion process of a fat becomes slow than normal. The main cause of this disease is to take such eatables having fat in enough quantity or it can also occur due to any defect in a gland, because if any gland of the body does not work properly, his weight goes on increasing even after eating less and fat starts increasing in his body and a person is suffered from obesity.

These are the following reasons of fatness and increasing fat-

The malfunctioning of the thyroid glands can be the reason of this disease.

If foods are not eaten with chewing properly, calorie forms additionally causing over weight and fat.

In women, fat is increased due to less active of her reproductive organs and they become fat.


In the case of obesity, extra fat is thickened on the body and body weight is increased. A fat person starts feeling difficulty in walking and doing any work.


By taking exercise, obesity can be eliminated. If the patient takes balanced diet, it starts decreasing soon. However, nutritive food stuffs and eatables helpful in decreasing fat should be taken for controlling the weight. We should never eat more than hunger; eatables having sugar and fat additionally should not be taken too. Salt should be taken in less quantity as far as possible and if it is needed, rock salt should be used instead of common salt. The patient should take greens, vegetables, vegetables’ juice, etc. in his diet. He should also take sprouted pulses. Eatables prepared from wheat or rice should be taken in extra quantity. The quantity of foods should be made less day-by-day; it stops the production of fat. Actually, as much food should be taken as it is required. In the morning, take lukewarm water after adding honey and lemon juice in an empty stomach daily. It controls the habit of over eating. In day time, water should be kept on low flame in copper, silver or gold utensils (pots) and then drink this water as lukewarm; it decreases extra fat of the body.

For the treatment of obesity, pressure should be given on the acupoints as shown in figure. It is very beneficial in obesity.For the treatment of obesity, pressure should be given on the acupoints as shown in figure. It is very beneficial in obesity.Treatment of this disease by acupressure treatment-

For the treatment of obesity, pressure should be given on the acupoints as shown in figure. It is very beneficial in obesity.

Treatment for decreasing fat-

In this treatment, we should massage all the three acupoints found in the rear section of both the ears with the help of thumbs hardly 2 times a day. It is very beneficial in decreasing appetite. For proper pressing, the thumbs should be kept behind the ears and then pressure should be given with the help of fingers after placing them on the thumbs. In addition to it, eatables like- sweets, ice-cream, oily snacks, rice, etc. should be avoided, but instead of them, greens vegetables and fruits should be taken as much as he can.