Nux moschata



Introduction: -

          Nux Moschata is called as nutmeg (Zayphal). This is very useful drug for the children and women suffered from hysteria. This drug also proves beneficial in the symptoms of skin dryness, absence of sweat and symptoms that occur during pregnancy.

Use of Nux Moschata drug in various symptoms:  -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood:

         The use of Nux Moschata drug proves as very useful in the symptoms of sudden changing in the patient behave as sudden crying and laughing, poor memory, forgetfulness and brooding in strange thoughts as day-dreams or feeling of double heads, etc.

Head-related Symptoms:

        If the patient suffers from intense headache, feeling of dizziness during walk in opened air, vertigo by taking excessive food, feeling of enlarged head, feeling of sleepy all the times and beginning of headache by little air, the use of Nux Moschata is very beneficial.

Eyes-related symptoms:

         The patient seems strange things in front of his eyes, and feels as everything big or not visible and chaos retina. The use of Nux Moschata drug based on symptoms is beneficial.   

Nasal symptoms:

          If the patient can’t feel savor of anything and has also symptoms of chocked nose, discharging of blackish blood from the nose and absolute dried nose, etc., the use of Nux Moschata drug proves as very effective.

Mouth-related symptoms:

          The use of Nux Moschata drug is beneficial in symptoms as- feeling of complete dried mouth, tongue sticking with upper mouth palate, undesired for water drinking, thick salivation like cotton, toothache during pregnancy, throat dryness and tongue numbness. 

Stomach related symptoms:

         If the patient suffers from flatulence, anorexia due to surfeited, frequent hiccups, desired for taking spicy things, aggravation of arthritis pain to the stomach, etc., the use of Nux Moschata drug is useful.

Abdominal Symptoms:

        The use of Nux Moschata drug is very beneficial in the symptoms of debility due to intestinal troubles, flatulence, stool straining while stool is soft, fainting during faeces excretion or after that, possessing of piles warts outwards. 

Symptoms associated with Female:

         In the symptoms of uterus hemorrhage, discharging of blackish, thick and delayed menses, secretion of blood during muddy leucorrhoea, attacks of syncope and somniferous to stop the menses excretion and irregular menses, the use of Nux Moschata drug proves as very effective.

Symptoms associated with Respiration:

          Using Nux Moschata drug provides quick relief in symptoms as- beginning of cough attacks by lying down on the bed and voice closing by walking against air.

Symptoms associated with Fever:

          Cold begins from the left hand during fever symptoms as well as the patient has also symptoms of lack of thirst with feeling of cold, absence of perspiration and dryness in the skin, inner body parts, eyes, nose, lips, tongue and throat. The use of Nux Moschata drug is very effective according to symptoms.  

Symptoms associated with sleep

       If the patient has symptoms of over sleeping, slumber all the times due to any trouble, other symptoms associated with sleep, etc., Nux Moschata proves an excellent drug.

Symptoms related to the external body parts:

          The use of Nux Moschata drug is very useful in symptoms as- presence of pain from the right hip to the knee especially when the patient walks or stairs up; arthritis troubles caused by wet feet or cold air that ameliorates donning warm and dry cloths, and the patient is tired by doing little work.

Symptoms related to the Heart:

          The use of Nux Moschata drug proves as very useful in the symptoms of sudden tremor in the heart, heart fluttering as if someone catches tightly and disturbed nerve speed.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

          Camphora, Gelsemium, Valeriana, etc. can be used to remove the bad effects of Nux Moschata.  


          Symptoms are aggravated in cold, wet and stormy weather, by weather changing, taking cold food, washing hands and feet with cold water, while traveling in a vehicle and by lying down on painful side.

Amelioration: -

          Symptoms are ameliorated in dry and hot weather, in a hot room and after covering himself with warm cloths. 

Comparison: -

          Nux Moschata drug can be compared with Nux, Pulsatilla, Rhus-toxidendron, Ignatia, Asafe, etc.

Dose: -

          1st to 6th potency of Nux Moschata should be used to cure symptoms of diseases.