Nuphar luteum



Introduction: -

        Nuphar Luteum is very useful drug in the symptoms of typhoid with dilute motions, automatically semen discharging during faeces excretion, diarrhoea in the morning, impotency, etc.

Use of Nuphar Luteum in various symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with diarrhoea: -

        The use of Nuphar Luteum drug is very beneficial in the symptoms of intestinal burning, aggravated yellow motions in the morning and diarrhoea during typhoid.

Symptoms associated with Male: -

        Nuphar Luteum proves as effective drug for curing symptoms as- undesired for coition, looseness in the genitals, pain in the testis and penis, backwards straining in the penis and semen discharging by little sensual thought. 

Comparison: -

      Nuphar Luteum can be compared with Agnus, Kali-bromatum, Selini, Lycopiodium, Yohimbi, Chelido, Gumbozi, Sulphur, Nimphia, Odorata, etc.

Dose: -

        Mother tincture or 6x potency of Nuphar Luteum is very beneficial to cure different symptoms.