Nostril bath


        After toilet and brush in the morning, water mixed with little rock salt should be taken through the nostrils by any clean utensil, bottle, glass, etc.

       While taking water through a nostril, other nostril should be kept close so that the patient does not feels any trouble while sucking water through nostril. After it, the patient feels little trickling and whizzing sensation in the rear of his head for few days, but these types of troubles are ended soon. Both the nostrils should be used one after another for sucking water. Water sucked through the nostrils should be drunk, but it should be removed out the mouth. Water should not be sucked through the nostrils with force, because it can generates pain in the head. So, water should be sucked gently. We can suck about 1 litre of water through the nostril and removed out from the mouth. This type of bath enhances vision (eye-sight) and cures all types of diseases related to the eyes. It cools down brain stimulation (heat) and cures other symptoms like- over thirst, cold and catarrh, cough, all types of disease related to the throat, etc. 

Note :

          This type of bath should not be taken in the cases like- jaundice, acidity, bilious fever, bile related troubles, burning sensation of the nostrils, etc.