Normal treatment of other diseases



        The place where a doctor is not available in case of any accident or there is no any facility (means) to carry the injured person to the hospital, you can provide him/her relief through following treatment-


  • If blood is coming out from any part of a person’s body after getting hurt or injury, apply turmeric after grinding it and mixing it with mustard oil on the affected part, it will stop bleeding.
  • By sprinkling the ash of majuph on the wounds, bleeding is stopped.
  • Grind the roasted tutiya (blue vitriol) and filter it and then fill in the affected part, it will stop bleeding.    

Hurt (injury)-

  • Mix about 3 grams of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and drink it. It is very beneficial in internal hurt and swelling.
  • Roast wheat and grind into fine powder, mix ghee in the same quantity in it. By taking about 20-20 grams of this wheat powder with milk, any type of hurt pain is ended.
  • Mix lime and turmeric together and tie this mixture in a piece of cloth after heating. Now, foment the injured part with it or tie it on the injured part. It will end hurt pain.

Burning with fire-

  • If any part of the body has burnt or be scorched, applying pure honey on the affected part calm down the burning sensation soon.
  • Grind the leave of pomegranate and by applying it on the burnt area, burning sensation is calm down.
  • Grind few leaves of trichosanthes dioica into paste and prepare the decoction of few leaves. Cook both the paste and decoction in mustard oil until little oil is left. Now, filter it properly. By applying this oil on the wounds, blisters, pus, burning sensation, pain, etc., all these problems is solved.
  • Grind pink alum or old lime in water mix it in curd. Now, apply this preparation on the wounds of burning. It is very effective in healing the wounds.


  • Boil neem’s leaves in water and then wash the wounds with this water. The wounds are healed within few days.
  • By applying the oil of the leaves of trichosanthes dioica, the wounds are healed soon.


  • Grind the chalk of sesamum and cook it in water well to make its thick paste. By tying this thick and lukewarm paste on the affected part, the pain caused by strain is eliminated.
  • Grind about 10 grams the kernel of castor seeds with sesamum and sheep’s milk in to thick paste. Now, tie it on the affected place. It provides relief from pain.      

Bone fracture-

  • Grind the root of jasmine and mix honey in it to make paste. By applying this paste on the place of fractured bone regularly, the fractured bones are fixed again.
  • By applying the juice of tamarind or mango, the fractured bone is fixed again.
  • Mix salt in rice flour and boil it with little water. Now, applying this paste as lukewarm on the affected part regularly, the fractured bone is set again.   

Attack of asthama-

  • If asthama attacks to any person, first of all he/she should be made to sit on a chair carefully.
  • All the doors and windows should be opened so that fresh air could come inside the room.
  • Make the sufferer to smell reliever inhaler (blue color). If he/she does not get relief from it, give it again to him/her for smelling.
  • If it makes no any impression even after giving second time or his/her condition is become too worse, he/she should be carried to a doctor immediately.