Introduction: -

            Naitrium is considered as very useful drug for eliminating any type of weakness.

Use of Nitrium drug in various symptoms: -   

Symptoms associated with Urine:

           If the patient has symptoms of frequent urination, discharging profuse urine and in yellow appearance, etc., use of Naitrium makes the patient fit within few days.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

            The use of Nitrium drug is very beneficial in the symptoms of early and profuse menses, discharging of black blood during menses, etc.

Symptoms related to Respiration: -

            If the patient suffers from swollen trachea, heart weakness due to breathing troubles, intense cough, swelling of the entire body, etc., use of Nitrium drug based on symptoms is beneficial.

Symptoms related to the external body parts: -

            When the patient gets up in the morning, he feels excessive weakness in the entire body as well as patient has also other symptoms as- pain in the hands, feet and joints as if any insect has stung; sensation of burning inside the body parts, hot forehead, feeling of weakness by sitting for a long time and feeling relief by doing little work.    

Aggravation: -

            Symptoms are aggravated after noon, before morning, by eating meal and due to cough.


            Symptoms are ameliorated by doing little work and taking exercise or sitting.