Nitricum acidum



Introduction: -

        Nitricum Acidum acts effectively on those body parts where the patient feels pricking by touching the mucous membrane and skin together. This is an effective drug for blackish and old aged persons.   

Use of Nitricum Acidum in various symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

        Nitricum Acidum is very useful drug in the symptoms of excessive irritability, jealous natured, fear of killing all the times, despair, irritability by touching, irritable nature before menstrual excretion, feeling of prostration and undesired for doing work.

Head related Symptoms: -

        If the patient feels dizziness after getting up in the morning, and suffers from feeling of head cracking, feeling of tied head, beginning of headache by noise, alopecia, untouchable pain in the skull, etc., the use of Nitricum Acidum drug proves beneficial.

Symptoms related to Ears: -

        The use of Nitricum Acidum drug is beneficial in symptoms as- deficiency in hearing power, noise in the ear when chew something, beginning of ear pain even by little noise and proper listening during vehicle traveling.

Symptoms related to the eyes: -

      Using Nitricum Acidum drug is beneficial in these symptoms as- stinging eyes pain, double sensation of everything, unclearness to see things far away, ulcer in the cornea, squinting due to photophobia, lachrymation (frequent tears dripping from the eyes), syphilitic lirtis, etc.    

Nasal related symptoms: -

        Using Nitricum Acidum drug provides relief in symptoms as- chronic catarrh, green crust in the nose in every morning, painful nose bleeding due to cold and catarrh, redden nose crown, stinging pain in the nose, epistaxis, chest troubles, burning in the nose membrane, secretion of much water from the nose, etc.

Symptoms related to the mouth: -

        If the patient has symptoms as- odour from the mouth, gums bleeding, frequent salivation, pain in the tongue edges due to pimples, absolutely pale teeth, painful palatal ulcer, blood discharging from the mouth with salivation, etc., the use of Nitricum Acidum proves very beneficial.

Symptoms related to the throat: -

        The use of Nitricum Acidum drug is very useful in the symptoms of throat dryness, attack of pain to the ears, secretion of mucus by throat clearing, white marks on the throat, dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing), etc.      

Symptoms associated with the stomach:

        Nitricum Acidum drug should be used in the symptoms of fast appetite with sweet mouth taste, pain in the heart, desired for eating chalk, indigestion with oakgelic acid in urine, uric acid and phosphate in urine and desired of taking more salt with ghee, oil and greasy products.

Symptoms associated with Stool: -

       The use of Nitricum Acidum drug is very useful in symptoms as- stool straining consequent less excretion, feeling of pain as if the rectum has torn, pain in the rectum with constipation, intensive pain during excretion, pain for a long time after having bowel movement, intestinal bleeding, automatically blood discharging from piles warts, secretion of stinky and adhesive motion, feeling of weakness after excretion and liver pain .

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

      Taking Nitricum Acidum drug provides relief in frequent urination, blackish and fetid urine, feeling of much coldness while urination, discharging of blood and cereal with urine and discharging of dusky phosphoric in urine of the patient  of chronic prostate glands.

Symptoms related to Male: -

        The use of Nitricum Acidum drug proves as very effective in the symptoms of painful burning in the ulcer of penis vent and penis skin and burning in the penis with secretion of fetid pus.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

        Taking Nitricum Acidum drug is very useful in symptoms as- presence of ulcer with pain outside the genitals, secretion of watery, saffron and fetid leucorrhoea, hairs falling from the genitals, blood discharging from the uterus, early and profuse menses, intense pain in the waist, hips and thighs, stinging pain in the vaginal way and blood discharging from the uterus after delivery.

Symptoms associated with skin:  -

        The use of Nitricum Acidum drug is very beneficial in the symptoms of big and rough warts (the blood discharges from these warts after washing), automatically blood discharging from wounds, presence of blackish pimples on the face, excessive pemphigus on the forehead and excessive germinating in the ear.

Symptoms related to the external body parts: -

        Taking Nitricum Acidum drug proves beneficial in the symptoms of fetid perspiration from the feet, painful and cold burning in the toes, sweating from the palms, cyanosis on the nails and fetid perspiration from the armpit while sleeping.

Symptoms associated with Respiration: -

        The use of Nitricum Acidum proves as very beneficial in the symptoms of throat irritation, dry cough due to tickling in the stomach and larynx, pain in the extreme of the lower sternum, dyspnea while stairs up and attack of cough while sleeping. 

Aggravation: -

        Symptoms are aggravated in the evening, at night, after midnight, by touch, weather changing, perspiration, awaking, walking, standing from a sitting posture and by lying down.  


        These symptoms are ameliorated by traveling in a motor.

Complementary: -

        Arse, Caladi, Lachesis-canni, Sepia.

Inimical durgs: -


Comparison: -

        Nitricum Acidum drug can be compared with Mercurius, Thuja, Kali-carbonicum,  Hepar, Calca, etc.

Dose:  -

        6G of Nitricum Acidum should be used according to symptoms. 

Note: -

        When the patient takes Nitricum Acidum drug, he gets improvement in his symptoms, but some signs of skin appear on the skin although these signs appear on skin for curing the basic malady.