Nitri spititus dulsis



Introduction: -

          Nitri Spititus Dulcis proves as very useful remedy in the symptoms of deep stupor and inactiveness in the sense organs during slight fever as well as the patient also feels difficulty in getting up in the morning. In addition to them, this is also beneficial drug in the symptoms of spoiled taste, symptoms caused by salt, cold and catarrh due to excessive wet weather, rapid pain with burning in the kidney after fever due to anemia, dropsy and diseases which bring urine.

Use of Nitri Spititus Dulcis in various symptoms:-

Face-related Sypmtoms:

          If the patient has symptoms as- facial neuralgia, feeling of facial burning in the sunlight, cheeks burning with vomiting followed by dullness, piercing pain in the facial bones, stinging pain in the lower jaw and untoleratable little cold, etc., use of Nitri Spititus Dulcis is beneficial.        

Symptoms related to Breathe:

          Nitri Spititus Dulcis proves as very useful drug in symptoms as- dyspnea (breathlessness) even after little walk and pain with shrunken under the sternum. 

Aggravation: -

          Symptoms aggravate by mental troubles, in cold weather and in the spring season.

Reaction: -

          It increases the action of Digitalis.

Comparison: -

          Nitri Spititus Dulcis can be compared with phosphoricum-acidum and Lycopodium.

Dose:  -

          Many drops of pure sprits mixed in water should be used after every 2-3 hours.