Niccolum sulphuricum



Introduction: -

          Niccolum Sulphuricum proves very useful in the troubles after menses stoppage. Moreover, this is also effective drug in the symptoms of regularly neuralgia after malarial attack, excessive urination and salivation, poor eyesight, anorexia and headache

Use of Niccolum Sulphuricum in various symptoms: -  

Head-related Symptoms: -

          Niccolum Sulphuricum proves as effective drug in the symptoms of regular headache, pain in the rear of the head that moves to the spinal cord, aggravation in pain by lying down on the back, intense burning in the eyes, feeling of tiredness in the body all the times, desires for frequent lying, undesired to do any work, etc.  

Symptoms related to the back:

          In the symptoms of complete numbness with back stiffing that occurs much in the neck; rapid pain in the spine, burning in the soles after getting up in the morning and weakness with heaviness of the arms and legs, the use of Niccolum Sulphuricum drug proves beneficial.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

          Patient feels slight pain in the ovary nodes with feeling as if her menses is about to come; she also suffers from sweating after warm flash from the body parts that are touched to each other and these parts become dry after separating. The use of Niccolum Sulphuricum drug proves very useful in these symptoms.  

Dose: -

          The trituration of Niccolum Sulphuricum provides relief in symptoms of the patient.