Introduction: -

          Niccolum is a wondering drug for curing regular neuralgic troubles, headache due to vomiting, poor eyesight, constipation, etc. In addition to them, this is also useful remedy in the symptoms of cold, debility and headache during study.   

Use of Niccolum in various symptoms: -  

Head-related Symptoms: -

          If the patient feels heaviness in the head as if a heavy weight has kept on his head and suffers from piercing pain on the upper portion of the head, crackling in the neck vertebras by moving the head, feeling of tightness on the upper forehead in the morning, pains, everything looks great, migraine of the left head and crankiness in the upper lip. Niccolum proves beneficial drug in these symptoms.

Nasal-related Symptoms: -

          In the symptoms of chocked nose, frequent sneezing, cold and catarrh with the symptoms of inflammation on the nose tip, rapid pain in the nose root that moves to the upper forehead and temples, the use of Niccolum drug is beneficial.

Symptoms associated with Respiration:  -

          The use of Niccolum drug for some days is beneficial for curing these symptoms as- dry cough, hoarseness, feeling of stinging in the chest while coughing and the patient keeps both the hands as thigh during cough.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

          Niccolum drug provides relief in the symptoms of delayed and scanty menses, weakness in the women body, eyes burning and vaginal discharging after menses stoppage and urination.   

Symptoms related to the Neck: -

          The patient feels throat ulcer and suffocation and suffers from untouchable pain in the right side of the throat. The use of Niccolum drug is very useful in these symptoms.

Stomach-related symptoms: -

          If the patient has symptoms as- feeling of empty stomach, anorexia, rapid pain in the digestive systems that moves to the shoulders, frequent hiccups and diarrhoea just after drinking milk, etc, Niccolum is a beneficial drug in these symptoms.

Symptoms related to skin: -

          The use of Niccolum drug provides relief in the symptoms of itching on the body especially in the neck and feeling of uncomfortable after itch.


          Symptoms are aggravated regularly, at the interval of every two weeks and every year.


          Symptoms are ameliorated in the evening.

Dose: -

          3x to 6x potency of Niccolum drug provides relief to the patient.