Disturbed mind, fast heart throbbing, no peace in any condition, sensation of restlessness, no peace by sleeping, sitting or changing sides is called nervousness. Nervousness occurs because of suppression on the nervous system.


          A person, victim of nervousness feels that he has stolen something or he has committed a secret crime. He does not sleep at night although he tries to sleep. All are the symptoms of nervousness.

Treatment by different medicines :

1. Indian vulerian: Nervousness ends by taking half-gram powder of Indian valerian mixing with honey. The victim gets relief in this condition.

2. Saccharum munja: Shuffle the leaves of saccharum munja and give to the victim to drink. Its use ends nervousness and restlessness produced due to over thirst.

3. Eragrostis cynosuroides: Grind 3-6 grams root of eragrostis cynosuroides and take thrice a day. Its use ends nervousness produced due to over thirst.

4. Ghee: Boil one-gram cow’s ghee, 4 ml cow’s milk and a little sugar candy. Thereafter, mix 3-6 grams winter cherry in it. Take it twice a day for the treatment of nervousness, mental or physical weakness.

5. Gram: Immerse 60 grams gram (chana) and 25 grams currants in water. Chew them in the morning regularly on empty stomach. Its use ends nervousness.

6. Indian gooseberry: Take 10 grams Indian gooseberry powder mixing with equal sugar candy twice a day. Its use ends nervousness. 

7. Coriander: Grind green coriander leaves and shuffle like syrup. Take it twice a day to end nervousness.

8. Grapes: Nervousness ends by eating grapes.

9. Cardamom: Take ground seeds of cardamom mixing with honey. Its use ends nervousness and nauseating.

10. Arjuna: Boil 2 spoons ground bark of Arjuna, one glass milk and two glass water until milk remains only. Mix 2 spoons sugar in it and give it to the patient to drink once a day. Its use ends heart diseases and nervousness.