Nervous weakness




          When a person suffers from weakness of nerve, he suffers from such types of symptoms as excessive slumber, disturbed digestion system by which the victim does not digest meal properly. The victim becomes healthy and he suffers from sexual irregularity. The patient suffers from such types of symptoms as fear, rage, envy, irritation and many other problems. He does not want to do anything and his mind keeps on wandering here and there. Sometimes, the patient wants to commit suicide. He wants to live alone and he gets no peace any where.  

          The patient of this disease needs sympathy. Therefore, speak politely with the patient. Do not disturb to the patient if he is sleeping. The patient should not contemplate over anything. Make the patient remember to the previous things in which he got any success or he traveled on a beautiful place. Give importance to the desires of the patient. Never debate to the patient.  

Causes of this disease:

  • A person, who is mentally disturbed or does excessive physical work, becomes the patient of this disease.
  • A person becomes the patient of this disease if he uses intoxicating substances.
  • Having meal more than appetite and dietetic errors are the causes of this disease. 
  • Involvement in sexy conversations and sexual relations may be the cause of this disease.
  • Lack of semen may be the cause of this disease.
  • Mental depression and excessive contemplation may be the cause of this disease.

Treatment of this disease according to naturopathy:

  • Give permission to the patient to play the game as he wants or likes for the treatment of his disease. Make the arrangement for complete rest for the patient.
  • Desires of eating and drinking should be fulfilled. The patient should keep far from any kind of pressure.
  • Give carrot and cucumber (Kheera) juice to the patient to drink for the treatment. The use of coconut water or green coach grass is beneficial.
  • Immerse raisins in the juice of green coach grass and eat them in the morning. Thereafter, one glass of water should be drunk. The patient should drink water after getting up in the morning.
  • Give breads with siftings to the patient to drink. Besides it, sprouted grams, ground nuts, seasonal fresh fruits, salad should be given to the patient. Curd on large scale is also beneficial. The disease is cured within some days.
  • The patient should never take heavy meal or sweet in this disease.
  • The patient should drink water of blue colored bottle 6 times in a day for the treatment of this disease. The patient should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach. Thereafter, apply mudpackl on the abdomen followed by hip-bath (Kati-Snan) and cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan). The patient should cover a bed sheet once in a week. Hot and cold applications should be applied on the back bone. A wet towel should be kept on the head while taking hot and cold application on the back bone. If the patient wants to wander anywhere, go with him where he wants.   
  • There are several Asanas for the treatment of this disease and Yogik Kirya which make a person healthy completely. Such Asana and Yogik Kirya are as Sarvanga-Asana, Pawan-Mukta-Asana, Chakra-Asana, Ardhmatyendran, Uttanpada-Asana, Shawa-Asana, Yognidra, etc.


          Disease is cured within some days if the treatment is done as mentioned above.