Migraine is a type of nervous disease. In this disease, there is no any disordering occurs in the structure of the nervous system and not in the change of fibers, but neuralgic attack like fit occurs.

In this disease, pain does not occur from stomach like neuralgic pain and pain of the duodenum nerves, but when this type of pain is aggravated, affects the duodenum, stomach, etc. with vomiting.

If headache occurs after vomiting, it should be considered as gastric headache and when headache occurs before vomiting, it is called migraine. Migraine can persist from 24 to 36 hours, but all types of migraine starts suddenly and then goes on aggravating continuously and at last, vomiting starts. Now, pain starts to ameliorate and at last, cured completely. Attack of this pain goes on occurring several times, but does not occur at a fixed time like neuralgic pain.        

Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1. Spigelia- If pain occurs in the left side of the head in the case of migraine, using Spigelia is very effective. Patient does not able to tolerate light and noise. With such types of symptoms, pain starts in the left side of the head and becomes aggravated at noon. Thus, in this condition, 3 to 30 potency of this drug should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient, but if it makes no impression, using Nux-vomica or Sulphur is appropriate for its treatment.
2. Belladonna- In the case of migraine, if pain occurs violently in the right side of the head, use of Belladonna 30 is very effective.
3. Sanguinaria and Sepia- If pain occurs in the right side of the head, the eyes are coming out, feels as if the head is breaking into pieces, and when pain occurs above the right eye like sting or as if any nail is beating; pain that is aggravated by cold or storm or thundering, etc., using Sanguinaria 30 is beneficial to cure such symptoms of the patient. It is more beneficial to give its mother tincture to cure headache. 6 potency of this drug is also very useful in the paint of bai. Sepia 30 can be also used in the condition of such types of symptoms.
4. Glonoine- If pain starts due to sun stroke, doing work in gas or electric light, head is feeling heavy and patient can not able to lying down by putting head on the pillow, because blood starts to circulate towards head by lying, throbbing pain starts in the entire body and patient can not tolerate heat on the head and he wants to be naked, etc., for the treatment of such symptoms, using Glonoine 30 is very effective.
5. Calcarea carb- If violent headache due to suppression of eruptions with the help of different drugs erupted on the head in young age and feeling as if attacking with hammers on the head, etc., taking Calcarea Carb 30 is beneficial to cure such patient.