The juice, which comes from Palmyra plam or date plam trees, is called ‘Neera’. Neera contains rich amount of sugar and other minerals. Drinking it provides freshness and makes the heart happy. It does not create nausea but its Taadi creates little nausea because during the Khamirikaran activity four percent alcohol generates in it.

Taste: It is sweet and very delicious.

Structure: It contains many nutritive elements like- water 84.72 percent, carbohydrate 14.35 percent, protein 0.10 percent, fat 0.17 percent and minerals 0.66 percent. Its minerals are calcium, iron potassium, sodium and phosphorus. It has vitamin C and vitamin B complex in much quantity. 100 gram or 100 ml provides 110 calorie. Its gravity is 1.7 percent viz it is little heavier than the water. Its P.H. is 6.7 to 6.9 percent. It is neither acid and nor alkali.

Harmful: One should take only fresh neera, because it changes into Taadi if it is left in open air for long time.


Taking neera breaks constipation and cures stomach diseases. It is useful in increasing quantity of blood hemoglobin so it is good for anemia patient. It is good tonic for the weak person who has been suffering from jaundice and others diseases. It brings urine easily and cures urine-burning sensation. Drinking it provides relief in kidney and eye diseases. If any pregnant woman drinks it, she will gave birth to fair complexion child. It keeps fit mother and child both. Drinking it destroys small intestinal worms and checks their reproduction. It is very useful in tuberculosis, infection and diabetes.