Navel displacement



          Navel of a person plays an important role in the growth, control and administrating of the body. The navel is always in active form always from birth to death. First, navel takes birth the womb of a woman during pregnancy. This point of navel contains the soul of an embryo. A person is developed due to this reason.

          Sometimes, navel displaces from its center. It is called displacement of navel or navel displacement. Several other disease occur due to this reason as gastritis, sour belching, constipation and many other diseases occur if the navel has reached upward. If the navel has reached to below side, the victim suffers from loose motions, retching, etc.

Cause of displacement of navel from its real place:

          A person becomes the victim of this disease because of many reasons as walking carelessly, excessive jumping, lifting heavy weight or getting jerking by walking on unbalanced earth. Wrong eating habits and lifting heavy weight may be the cause of this disease.

What should be done to know the real stage of navel displacement?

  • First, the patient should lie on his back after evacuation of stool in the morning to know the real stage of navel.
  • Both the hands of the patient should be in erect position to the armpit. Another person should measure the distance of one side nipple from the center of navel with the help of a thread.
  • Now, another person should measure the distance of second nipples from the center point of navel. He should try to know whether the distance of both nipples from the navel is equal or not.
  • If the distance is not equal, it should be understand that navel has been misplaced from its real place. If the distance is equal, it should be understood that the navel is on its real place.
  • There is another method to know about the real place of navel. This method is that the victim should lie on empty stomach in the morning by erect legs.
  • If the navel has been displaced from its real place, one big toe of the feet will be a little high than the other otherwise not.

Treatment of this disease according to naturopathy:

  • If one big toe of is high than the other, second big toe should be pulled upwardly by the other person. Do this process 5-6 times. Navel replaces on its real place by doing so.
  • The patient should lie on the ground or cot of wood for the replacement of navel without eating anything. Therefore, stretch legs in front. Keep knee of right leg upwardly and give a little pressure on the right knee with right hand and try to touch the ground or cot of wood. Remember one thing while giving pressure on the knee, pressure should be given as much as the patient may bear. Do same with another leg too. This time follow this process 5-6 times.  
  • If the navel has been displaced from its real stage, 2-3 drops of oil should be poured into the navel. Thereafter, the massage the navel from right to left side for at least three times. After that, the navel should be massaged from left to right. The navel replaces on its real place by doing so.
  • Tie a thread in the both big toes of the patient if navel has been displaced from its real place.
  • There are several kinds of Asanas for the treatment of this disease. Such Asanas replaces the displaced navel on the real stage.
  • Some Asana are as Dhanur-Asana, Nauka-Asasan, Bhujang-Asana, Chakra-Asana, Shava-Asana, Uttanpadasana.

Some precautions should be adopted for the replacement of navel. Such precautions are as


  • If the navel has displaced from its real place, he should raise from the bed from the left side.
  • The patient should eat light meal or sprouted grains by sitting in the Kaga Asana.
  • The patient should drink excessive water.
  • The patient should take complete relief.
  • The patient should never lift heavy weight. Navel replaces on its real place by doing so. People who have been suffering from displaced navel get well by doing so.