Natural treatment



         Since ancient time, we know that all the diseases can be treated with the help of natural elements present in our surrounding. We live our life properly in this way.

         If it becomes imbalanced due to any cause, we become sick. This is such ancient treatment system, which cures all the types of diseases of the body by adopting balanced use of exercise, rest, cleanness, fast, diet, water, air and light without medicines. This treatment shows the way of healthy and long life too and this treatment is called “Natural treatment” system.

         In ancient time, Italian people left the child in open environment at night after birth. If the child remained alive till morning, the child was considered able to live. Normally, this tradition looks like animals behavior. However, Italian people wanted to develop natural power in the child by doing so. Nowadays, people of northern India villages bathe to the infant with bare body in Ganga River. “Natural treatment” is attached with every civilization in any form. All treatment systems are in favor of fresh air, sunlight, bath, water, fast and restraint on sustenance.

        All accept that many diseases of the body can be cured without medicines. Stomachache or any type of disorder is cured by keeping fast. In the case of chronic diseases, patient’s health remains fit by carrying to him in other environment by changing his living place. Some people suffer from any disease at a place and disease is not cured after good treatment too but the disease is cured easily by changing the living place. The treatment of disease can be done without any medicines by living in clean environment and by taking balanced diet.

        In the natural treatment, it is considered that negligence of natural rules is the cause behind all the diseases. Imbalance in having meals, doing work, taking rest, process of breathing, excessive sleeping, and awaking, etc. come in natural rules.   

        According to first principle of natural treatment, the body has power to fight against diseases which can save the body from all the diseases. All the harmful elements collected in the body and their effects are destroyed by adopting natural treatment.

        The whole body gets affected due to any type of disease, so the whole body is treated. In natural treatment system, regular cleaning of the body, exercise, rest, sleeping, fast, diet rules, water, air, and sun light and soil are used in a balance. That is why natural treatment system provides benefits like other treatment systems. Not only so it is the only treatment system for the treatment of incurable and complicated diseases.