The origination of human being is made by nature. The nature also gives life to each plant, animal and human being. Perhaps that is the reason why nature is called mother. If the rules of nature are not followed properly, we have to face bad consequences. Becoming ill by neglecting the rule of nature is the greatest punishment which can be given to him by himself. Most of us are not aware with the fact that if we have become the victim of chronic or acute disease, we should adopt nature therapy to get rid of the diseases in place of medicines.   

        Treatment through nature is a boon given by ancient civilization. Perhaps, our ancestors took the inspiration of it from the animal and birds because they live very close nearby the nature.

        Animal and birds keep on contacting with the life given by earth. They keep on taking fresh air because they walk in open nature. They clean their body by lying and rubbing in sand. In this process, they exercise too. Several animal and birds take a dip into water from which they become clean and feel a kind of freshness.

        Animals find out the medicine of their diseases in the herbs grown on the earth but it is not so with men. It is a different thing that nowadays, pat animal depend on artificial medicine. Reason of it is man that men keep pat animal in ropes or chains. That is why they cannot move freely.

        Birds fall ill scarcely. Pat animal have to live an artificial life and they become ill because of this reason. Thereafter, they follow the rules of nature. For example, if an animal falls ill, it gives up meal. The animal takes food when the vital power of the animal cures disease completely. Generally, dogs and cats do not eat grass but when they fall ill, they eat grass necessarily because of which they vomit. In this way, they vomit poison elements from their stomach. They have this kind of knowledge whereas a man learns and finds out that kind of knowledge for his benefit.

        Air, soil and sunlight are life-giving elements, which are found in natural elements. Health of man is good when he lives in the contact of such kinds of elements and uses these elements on proper time.  

        Doctors of nature have proved that water and earth have strange power to get rid of several incurable diseases.

        Green grass, sand and walking on sand with bare foot are the organs of nature therapy. Taking bath in river, different kinds of sources of water and cold water is very much beneficial naturally. Nature therapists not only cure diseases but also they advise to adopt the rules of nature to the people of the world. In this way, our health remains good.

      Treatment was given to the patients in ancient time in Egypt, Greece and European countries. Nature therapists and scientists have developed this treatment according to need. A big change has come in people at present and they are adopting nature therapy in place of allopathic medicines. They are adopting the rules of nature therapy.